The bloom time is lengthy and stretches from summer through fall. The Hydrangea Limelight (Hydrangea paniculata) is different from other hydrangeas in that they have large conical pale lime blooms, where other hydrangeas have blue and pink blooms. This was a major plus for us. Quick Fire® tree form hydrangea is a great new selection of Hydrangea for the upper Midwest. The oakleaf hydrangea tree, native to the American southeast, is a great option if your are in need of a smaller variety to accentuate your garden. With cultivars varying between 3-6 feet in height, this hydrangea tree provides a bold accent to a garden border or woodland area. Its creamy white blooms arrive in late summer and fade to green during fall. This unique Hydrangea tree will tolerate almost any condition. We always try to choose plants like this. It’s also the hardiest of all the hydrangeas and probably the easiest to care for. The hardy and reliable Limelight Hydrangea tree is an easy to grow tree form hydrangea. It showcases white, cone-shaped blooms that emerge about a month earlier than other Hydrangeas and will literally cover the plant with 8-12" blooms in lat May or early June.

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