It encourages you to drop in, let go, and settle into each pose. This posture lengthens and relieves tension in the upper back and creates more space at the back of the sternum. Half Pigeon relieves sciatic pain and stretches the groin and the outside of the hips. This is a basic seated pose with crossed legs. Start seated with both legs straight in front of you (staff pose), making sure to be seated up on the tailbone. Try this free, printable yin yoga sequence for deep relaxation. Yin energy is internal, passive and cooling while Yang is external, dynamic and warming. Don’t skip this one! 24, How to Identify Anxiety Behaviors in Your Life, The Power of Female Friendship w/ Hannah Brown | Embracing Human, S2 ep. Yin Yoga is simple, but simple does not mean easy: it will challenge the student and will deeply stress the tissues. Lower your chest and forehead to the floor, continuing to reach through the ceiling and arch your tailbone towards the sky. Let’s try it! Start seated with your legs out in front, then bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. Popular yoga styles like Vinyasa and Ashtanga are also predominantly Yang. Drop down to the space between your … Keep a bend in the knees if the hamstrings are tight. During a Yin Yoga practice, the poses are held for 3 … Try to balance the weight evenly between your right and left hip. Start laying on your back, bring your legs up onto the wall and scoot your tailbone as close to the wall as is comfortable. Reach the right hand high and then tuck the back of the hand on your upper back. A perfect practice for all levels, beginner friendly and a a great compliment to more athletic styles of yoga. Join Kino MacGregor for a one hour yin yoga and meditation to reduce stress, calm the nervous system, and increase flexibility. The restorative effects of having the feet above the heart are wonderful. Allow the back of your legs to rest on the wall • Place a bolster or cushion under your tailbone to raise the pelvis – this helps relieve stress and pressure in the hips • These cues are for a wall, but you can perform this the same way on your mat by stacking legs above hips (with or without a prop beneath you) • Relax and surrender for up to 6 minutes, The benefits of Matsyasana include a deep stretch of the intercostal muscles in-between the ribs. Yin restores the equilibrium between mind, body and spirit to journey the body through asana to reach a peaceful and relaxed state. Be sure to keep the chest open toward the left side, not allowing the chest to drop in order to bend deeper. • Begin seated on your mat with your legs extended long in front of you • Place a block at the center of your spine as you recline onto your back • Drop the head back to allow the head or crown chakra to brush the floor and throat open to the sky • Feel free to rest the head on a cushion or block for added support (optional) • Hands can rest next to the hips or in prayer mudra at the heart center • Relax and breathe for up to 6 minutes, Source,, The Real Reason Why Your Face Looks Puffy Today, 6 Expert-Approved Tips For Getting Rid Of Frizzy Hair In Humidity, Everything We Know About Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Line So Far, The Inside-Out Guide to Getting Your Skin to Glow, The wait is over – Starbucks announces the return of the holiday favourite, Toffee Nut Latte, Qatar Museums Undertakes Restoration of Richard Serra Installation as Part of Anti-Vandalism Campaign, Qatar to host its first-ever European Drive-In Film Festival. Hold the poses for longer periods of time and only practice a handful or do the entire sequence, holding each pose for a minute or so. Yin restores the equilibrium between mind, body and spirit to journey the body to reach a peaceful and relaxed state. Yin implies a combination of poses and stillness. Gently lower the body onto the ground, reaching through the left toes. 24, Focus on Feeling Good for Your Guidance System | Embracing Human, S2 ep. Relax into this posture. Yin Yoga is a practice centered on relaxation for both mind and body. Just remember we will be here for a while, so finding your edge right away may keep you from relaxing (better to ease in gradually) • Inhale, grow tall in the spine and exhale the forearms on the ground or a block. Starting in plank pose, pull the right knee up in between the hands, resting it own on the inside of the right foot. Questions about the routine or how to allow more relaxation into your life? This asana releases and strengthens the front and back of the legs, improves flexibility and builds strength in the hip joints. This allows the shoulders to rest back. Allow the toes to fall out to the side and tuck the chin in slightly to make sure the back of the neck is straight. Slowly hinge forward from the hips and rest the upper body on a bolster • If you have particularly tight hamstrings, fold a blanket several times and place it beneath your tailbone to aid in the stretch • Focus on your breath as you relax here for up to 6 minutes. Hands can rest palms down or palms up on the knees. Start laying on your belly with the feet stretched back behind with the tops of the feet pressed into the mat. Reach through the fingertips, but allow the shoulder blades to stay in place. She has made it her mission to empower others to take control of their own wellness journey. Yin Yoga is a practice centered on relaxation for both mind and body. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, 9 Ways to Overcome Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder, Embrace NO!vember. Fold forward over the straight leg, trying to keep the belly button towards the center of that leg. On an inhale, reach both hands overhead and fold forward on the exhale. In a yoga studio, your teacher will make sure the surroundings are suitable for relaxation. Let’s try it! This may not seem like it, but it is the most difficult yoga pose that you can accomplish. Allow the weight of the body to be fully supported by the ground and wall. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, exploring, and connecting. • Come into Child’s Pose with your knees hip-distance apart, stretch your arms forward and keep your forehead resting on the mat • Raise your hips so they are directly above your knees and slowly begin to “melt” your heart and chest toward the ground • Continue to take deep breaths as your body begins to gently open • Hold for up to 6 minutes. Let’s try it! This pose reduces stress and can help alleviate headaches, boost energy levels, and even has anti-aging benefits (due to the extra blood flow to the face and skin). From table top (hands and knees), walk the hands towards the front of the mat while keeping your tailbone lifted towards the ceiling. Start from seated position with your legs out straight in front of you. Allow the arms to rest out to the side, palms up. For an active pose, grab your feet or ankles and gently pull yourself forward throughout the pose. It will also increase flexibility in the hamstrings and lumbar spine. Release control of the mind, the breath, and the body. Make sure to do each side for every posture. Bend into the knees and bring the soles of the feet together, allowing the knees to fall out to each side. Taryn Raine is an world traveler, yoga instructor, and healthy living guru. This posture is a classic hip opener, and is also wonderful for stretching out the hamstrings and lumbar spine. It’s the exact opposite of a yang-inspired flow class. This particular Yin Yoga practice will guide you through 35 minutes of deep stretching, conscious breathing, and yummy poses that will melt your stress and tension away. Let’s try it! That’s why yoga blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters can make a great addition to your Yin practice. Then walk the fingers forwards and allow the head to drop, rounding into the back. This pose is great to open the front of the body: the chest, the hips, the belly, the throat and the pelvis. Use your hand to wrap around or hug the knees to draw them closer towards the chest. Hold here for a couple breaths. This prepares us for deeper hip openers and releases tension in the hips and pelvis. 23. Optional bind – reach the right hand around to the top of the left hip crease. Bring one foot to the inside of the opposite thigh, allowing the knee to open out to the side.

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