Woodlands Ring offers a wide range of CCA, such as AVA/Photography, Media Resource Library (MRL), English Drama Club and more.

Visit Website (http://www.woodlandsringsec.moe.edu.sg), Tel: 63643712Fax: 63643713Email: Send an email, ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICSARTBASIC CHINESEBASIC MALAYBIOLOGYCHEMISTRYCHINESECOMBINED HUMANITIES (S,G)COMBINED HUMANITIES (S,H) COMPUTER APPLICATIONSDESIGN & TECHNOLOGYELEMENTS OF BUSINESS SKILLSENGLISH LANGUAGEFOOD & NUTRITIONFOOD AND CONSUMER EDUCATIONGEOGRAPHYHISTORYLITERATURE(E) MALAYMATHEMATICSMUSICPHYSICSSCIENCESCIENCE (CHEM, BIO)SCIENCE (PHY, CHEM)SCIENCE (SYLL T)SOCIAL STUDIES N(T), Badminton (Boys Only)Basketball (Boys Only)Hockey (Boys Only)NetballSoftball (Boys Only)Volleyball (Girls Only), Ncc (Land) (Boys Only)NpccSt. 02 Jun 2014 . The female toilet in the swimming pool was haunted by a girl who committed suicide by drowning.

The high school offers over 20 AP courses, including the AP Capstone program. Download our app for a fast and seamless experience! Secondary 3 students learn more about resilience during a four-day camp by Outward Bound Singapore on Pulau Ubin. Home > Horror Stories > Mild > Woodlands Ring School: Woodlands Ring School: By: Anonymous Story Submission One night, I was in school with 4 of my friend in the 4th level art room. Spore Robotics Games Micromouse Competition 2006 – 1st runner-up Flying Frenzy II 2005- Champion [Sec] & Champion for Most Innovative & Creative Design Category Basketball – 3rd, North Zone ‘B’ Division boys. The school will move to the holding site from Jan 2022 to Dec 2023. Their co-curriculum consist of Character and Citizenship Education, Values in Action, CCAs and Student Leadership Development. 13 Most Haunted Places in Singapore History and the Legends behind them. The school offers classes in the standard academic subjects as well as foreign languages, music, art, physical education, dance, sports, and technology. But, after this incident, we were made to belive……. John Brigade, Chinese DanceChoirEnglish Drama ClubGuzheng EnsembleMalay DanceModern DanceSymphonic Band, Ava & Photography ClubMedia Resource LibraryRobotics Club, DA (Character Development)DA (National Education), Spore Robo-Grand Prix 2006- Champion [sec & Temasek categories], 1st runner-up [Temasek & open categories], School awarded Best decorated robot award.

Secondary 2 students attend a CCE camp during which they are given opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the six NE messages and hone their social emotional competencies. But when it comes to haunted schools, almost all of us would think that theirs is haunted.

According to him, the hoops would start swaying at late night even though there was no wind, and if you listened closely you could actually hear light “whoosh” sounds – noises that are not unlike the sounds basketballers make when they throw a ball. The school also offers a Values In Action Programme designed to help students better appreciate what they have and live out the school motto ‘Serve the school and community’. #shorts, Fried Rice, Correct What? Due to the COVID-19 situation in which all construction was halted for some time, sprucing works at the holding site (former North View Secondary) would not be ready in time for our school to move in by end-2020. Robotics Education instils in students a curiosity to learn through experimentation, questioning, problem-solving and risk-taking.

... A basketball court is a staple fixture in just about every Singapore secondary school, ... And perhaps the pick of the bunch would have to be the one by yet another physical teacher at Woodlands Ring Secondary School…

5 COVID-19 Cases Today (26 Nov); 1st Community Case to be Reported in 2... Man Jailed for Buying Stun Gun from Wish.com That’s Spotted in SingPost Centre, Woman Who Poured Boiling Hot Water on BF’s Groin Jailed for 4 Years. OUTRAM SECONDARY SCHOOL.

2006 National Mobile Robot Competition – Champion [Sec], won the Innovation award for the robot design. Woodlands Ring Secondary School National Police Cadet Corps (WRSS NPCC) We went there because “they” said that the art room was haunted… we decided to find out ourselves. I was totally blank and didn’t know what to do. The school will start operations in the upgraded campus in Jan 2024. 10, Woodlands Ring Road, Singapore 738239 Directions Since 1998 Here’s The Deal: "Woodlands Ring Secondary School is a government secondary school in Woodlands New Town, Singapore.It is designated a niche school for robotics enterprise. - HDB, Mild, Woodlands I used to stay at Blk 162 in Woodlands.

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They provide signature programmes to the students, such as Applied Learning Programme, Riverside Integrated Skills Experience, Learning for Life Programme and Riverside Model United Nations. The school will move to the holding site from Jan 2022 … Even the night breeze can be heard and chill us down our spine. 157 likes. As any normal person would do, this particular physical teacher went to investigate the source, initially thinking that some punks have infiltrated the court to have some illegal game time.

(Watch till the end!) Before we moved in to that house, we conducted prayers to clean the house of evil. Here’s The Deal:"'Singapore American School' is a non-profit, independent, co-educational day school located in the Woodlands area of Singapore.

When he reached the court, he found out that it was virtually empty, with not a single speck of human or basketball to be seen.

NCC (Land) – Gold award & Overall Best NCC Unit St John Ambulance Brigade – Silver award NPCC – Bronze award, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)The Robotics Education & Enterprise (TREE). They are passed down and sometimes warped by each generation. A notable exception are the Integrated Programme (IP) schools, which offer a 6-year course leading up to the GCE A-level examination or the International Baccalaureate examination.

It only had a white shirt with a black pants floating towards the wall.

iTechOne Robocode Competition 2006 : Micromouse Champion & Robot soccer Champion. Find near you. ‘Betaal’ Casting Director Recalls Spooky Experience During Audition, Japan Haunted House Ghosts Told To Keep Distance, A Teacher Is Haunted By Specters Of ‘What If?’, Spooky moment ‘ghost uses his old wheelchair’ at hospital in Thailand, The mystery of screaming school girls in Malaysia, Five Scientific Explanations for Spooky Sensations, People stuck in haunted homes during quarantine report rise in ‘spooky’ happenings, The Spooky Tale Of The A3 ‘Ghost Crash’ And A Mysterious Discovery.

Till now, that incident is still fresh in my mind.

2020, 13

Lead with Pride, Serve with Passion. Every country has their fair share of horror stories. Being unable... Today is, unfortunately, not a good day. Hence, the school’s upgrading timeline will be deferred by 1 year. We all have heard our fair shares of haunted places in Singapore, such as haunted parks; haunted HDB flats, haunted beaches and haunted schools..

Oct The school also offers a Values In Action Programme designed to help students better appreciate what they have and live out the school motto ‘Serve the school and community’. WOODLANDS RING SECONDARY SCHOOL Singapore.

Streetdirectory.com Woodlands Ring Secondary School is located in Woodlands, a district in northern Singapore.The Causeway, located at the top of Woodlands Singapore, links Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.This long road is often used by Singaporeans visiting Malaysia for work, shopping or holiday purposes, and vice versa.

#shorts, Malaysia Politics 2020 Explained That Even a 5-YO Will Understand, Among Us Fun Facts You Didn’t Know (Includes Origin of Among Us! For example, at 8pm on the odd night, there would be sounds of basketballs bouncing on the court, even though all the equipment and balls have been locked in the storage room. From that day onwards, i finally made to belive what is mean by the term, GHOST…..

The school mission is to nurture all-round individuals of integrity and grace, ready to face global challenges.

When we were walking toward the art room, it was already midnight. Click here to access our e-Open House page! Woodland Secondary Haunted - Mild, School, Woodlands ... Woodlands Ring School - Mild, School, Woodlands One night, I was in school with 4 of my friend in the 4th level art room. 6.

They complement the school’s core academic and student development programmes. There were also incidents where a shot ball would be sent flying in a completely different trajectory angle – almost as if somebody “batted” the ball away. Secondary 3 students learn more about resilience during a four-day camp by Outward Bound Singapore on Pulau Ubin. Woodlands Ring Secondary School believes that each student is unique and whose potential can be maximised to contribute selflessly to society. It provides integration of learning across disciplines which include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and develops in students the ability to make connections with real-life problems. 13 minutes reading time.

When we reached the 4th level, none of us dare to lead the way as the place is really quiet. They said they say nothing but i saw “him” was waving at me. After walking some distance from the stairs, I stopped and turned around to check if they were following me.

At first, we did not believe there were ghost on this world. A Drama-in-Curriculum programme is introduced for lower secondary students to develop oracy and self-confidence through creative expression of their ideas and imagination. Volleyball – 3rd, North Zone ‘B’ girls.

", SPECIALITY:English Language, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Arts, Crafts and Technology, Physical Education, Chinese Language, Malay Language, Photography, Robotics, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Netball, Choir, Volleyball, Chinese Dance, Malay Dance, Modern Dance, English Drama Club, Guzheng Ensemble, Library & Symphonic Band, Here’s The Deal:"'Riverside Secondary School' is a co-educational, single session and government school located in Woodlands, Singapore. UPDATE ON UPGRADING PLAN FOR WOODLANDS RING SECONDARY.

A basketball court is a staple fixture in just about every Singapore secondary school, but did you know that there’s a mysterious entity that’s strangely attracted to it? At the same time, my friends push me and call me to go down. ), Latest Report Shows S’poreans’ Income Have Risen In the Last 5 Years. Hevina Kaur Culture. I stare at it, then my friends notice it and ask me whats wrong.

As of 12pm today, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has preliminarily confirmed 5... With the advent of internet shopping, every individual on the street suddenly found that they can buy anything and... 3 years ago in 2017, a woman poured boiling water on her then-boyfriend's groin while he was sleeping in... You probably started banging your head against the wall after reading the headline, thinking the MRT line between Singapore... How to Know If Someone is Lying (Body Language) Based on Studies!

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