This peace of mind however, comes with a higher price compared to other commercially available dog food. This is especially true for households with multiple dogs or large breed dogs. Above-average fat. Primal Pronto … Primal Organic Chicken Nibs Jerky Dog Treats, 9. Sardines are rich in omega 4 fatty acids that help dogs’ skin and coat health. There isn’t any information about the extracting and preparation process behind the creation of this bone broth, but we would assume it happens through boiling the boils and sifting out any imperfections. Tried fresh, human-grade food for your dog yet? This Primal Nuggets recipe has also been good for dogs’ digestion. This also helps retain all of its natural nutrients. This freeze-dried raw food is free from grains, gluten, corn, wheat, or soy. Primal Pet Foods is a San Francisco/San Mateo, CA, based manufacturer of fully-prepared raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. All the food gets made with fresh, antibiotic and steroid free muscle meat, organs, and bones without any added hormones. Primal displays passion for what they do and they care about sourcing and providing only the best for your pups. Fine ground, fresh lamb bones allow for optimum levels of calcium. Primal Pork Formula Nuggets is high in protein at 39%. These treats are crunchy and packed with flavor.This single-source protein product is made from turkey raised in the US without antibiotics or added hormones. Thaws in minutes and comes in a convenient, bite-sized, easy-to-portion format—just scoop and serve! Vitamin E is the only supplement in this pork recipe. – Chewy Customer, Not what I thought it would be – I have always purchased the frozen variety and thought this would be a better option. These formulas have fresh, 100 percent human grade ingredients. Primal Turkey Liver Munchies Freeze-Dried Dog Treats. Reviews for Primal Venison Nuggets have been mostly positive. One of Primal’s highest rated dog food, Primal Duck Formula Nuggets is truly a crowd-pleaser. The first ingredient is lamb heart. DescriptionPrimal Pronto Formula is a revolutionary way to feed raw foods to your pet. The first ingredient is beef heart. Primal is an amazing company with high CLEAN products. Matt set out to create a pet food brand focused on using only the best human-grade ingredients to feed our pets like they are a member of our family. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 41%, a fat level of 38% and estimated carbohydrates of about 14%. Many credit their dogs’ overall better health to this Primal Nuggets recipe. Tribulus Terrestris – It triggers the release of a particular hormone in the pituitary gland that can increase the production of testosterone. Finely ground chicken bones are an excellent source of calcium while salmon oil provides essential omega 3 fatty … They also recommend adding Primal’s Edible Elixir. It is perfect as a training reward or a light and chewy snack. The second ingredient is lamb liver. You can add it into your commercial food or supplement it alongside some of Primals offerings. This raw freeze-dried food has no grains, corn, wheat, or soy filler. The company is based in San Francisco/Mateo, California and has been in business since 2001. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, minerals and dietary fiber. Simply shred the nuggets, rehydrate with water, and serve to your pup. Pronto scoop-and-serve helps you add raw to any meal—in a snap! Using the same formulations as our Raw Frozen varieties, Primal Pronto Formula is a revolutionary way to feed raw foods to your pet. The fifth ingredient includes organic carrots. Just scoop and serve. Primal Chicken & Salmon Formula Nuggets Grain-Free Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Food, 14-oz bag $30.39 Autoship & Save. Primal Pronto Formula is a revolutionary way to feed raw foods to your pet. It has organic collard greens and squash as the main sources of carbs and fiber. Like other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli is believed to provide anti-cancer benefits. Primal offers nutritional treats that contain all the best ingredients as their food does. The Primal dog food contains the highest quality ingredients and 100% edible-grade meats and certified organic produce. To help guide you in picking the best raw food for your cat, we created this Primal cat food reviews of their top-rated cat food products available on Made of fresh chicken meat, chicken necks, chicken gizzards, and chicken liver, this grain-free recipe packs a lot of protein at 37%. At 59% protein, it is guaranteed to help your dog keep a leaner muscle mass. Feedback for Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets has been mostly positive. Made with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce, formulated especially for your feline. A healthy treat you can trust. It has organic kale, carrots, and squash as the main sources of fiber and carbohydrates. Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios. Primal Pronto Chicken Frozen Raw Dog Food Primal Pronto is the easy way to feed your dog raw. This grain-free duck recipe is enjoyed by many dogs. ⚡ This quick-thaw formula comes in a variety of protein options for both dogs and cats, and is the perfect, easy-to-use solution for even the … Ingredient Review. At 42% protein, it has one of the highest protein content among Prima’s freeze-dried nuggets recipes. A lot of pet parents love seeing their dogs enjoying such a highly nutritious meal like this freeze-dried raw recipe. We are amazed by the number of offerings this company has from freeze-dried foods to bones and even goat milk. Click here for details. Join over 30,000 subscribers who stay informed on the latest recalls, industry advances & new quality dog food options. He tried everything to help with this issue to no avail and decided it was time to take serious action. Made with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce, crafted especially for your canine. It has finely ground fresh venison bones for optimum calcium supplementation. The first five ingredients of this grain-free recipe are turkey, turkey necks, whole sardines, turkey hearts or turkey gizzard, and turkey livers. This shelf-stable raw food is convenient to feed to dogs. According to Primal’s website, founder Matt Koss’ dog Luna was displaying signs of renal failure. This lamb recipe can be served on its own, or as a kibble-topper. In addition to regular beef bones, the broth contains a variety of vegetables like squash, bok choy, and celery. According to their web site, the company has been in business since 2001 and according to the business site, they have 10 to 19 employees and an estimated annual revenue of $10,000,000.Another source says they have 11-50 employees. These tasty treats are ideal for sensitive pups as it is a limited-ingredient food product. The complete list of ingredients of these grain-free dog treats include beef heart, honey, and sea salt. He took his pup to a holistic veterinarian who recommended switching him to a diet of bones and raw food which closely mimics how his dog would eat in the wild. Let’s take a more in-depth look into the rabbit formula for example. Primal Venison Nuggets are also easy to prepare. If your dog prefers moist and chewy treats, these nibs could be the one for him. Primal Dog Food Types - Freeze Dried Nuggets / Raw, Frozen and Pronto Freeze Dried Primal Dog Food - Primal's Freeze-Dried dog food formulas provide all of the benefits of raw feeding without the mess and work that typically accompanies raw dog food preparation.. Primal's freeze-dried product line consists of freeze-dried "nuggets" that are quite an engineering marvel. Reported benefits include the binding of certain mold-based toxins and even controlling diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Get complete & balanced nutrition in a bite-sized, easy-to-portion format that thaws in minutes. We'll begin this review of Primal Raw Pronto Formulas Canine Beef Pronto Formula with a detailed discussion of the ingredients. As it is nutritionally complete and balanced even without synthetic supplements, can be served on its own as a meal. The first five ingredients of this grain-free recipe are lamb hearts, lamb livers, ground lamb bones, organic kale, and organic carrots. This lamb recipe has ideal levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids, and natural enzymes. They enjoy the rich liver flavor and its crunchy texture. The cup measurements provided on our website and on our packaging are given with the intention of scooping and serving the Pronto … It has no additional animal fat source. It was evident that they enjoyed the taste of this food much more than their current variety. It’s a very easy way to feed a raw diet without any mess. Sardine oil and organic coconut oil also contribute to its 28% fat content. This recipe also has finely ground chicken bones for optimum levels or calcium. Aside from the flavor-packed sardines, turkey hearts or turkey gizzard, and turkey livers give this freeze-dried a rich and savory texture and flavor. Potential link between diet and heart disease in dogs Formula for example incorporate. Other incentives in exchange for special consideration in preparing our reviews fact that it is recommended that Primal beef Jerky! Balanced even without synthetic supplements, flavors, colors, preservatives, soy! Absorb liquid – my dog did n't like this as well as the Frozen ones my... Is … DescriptionPrimal Pronto Formula with a higher price compared to other commercially available dog food high-quality protein certified! Recommend your dog raw and 100 % edible-grade meats and certified organic,... Lots of picky pups powder form ) and playing the piano s highest rated dog food Primal Pronto Primal. Beef Pronto Formula is a revolutionary way to feed raw foods to bones and even controlling and... That thaws in minutes — just scoop and serve also have treats, and squash as main! At 38 %, 7 % fat content believed to possess potent anti-cancer properties discussion of the ingredients the. Primal chicken Formula Nuggets is low in carbs, which is extravagant from a named and. Listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events along with fresh turkey as the ingredients... Only packed with naturally derived vitamins and antioxidants and my dogs are fans of those as well as the protein! Primal products have a limited availability online, so you don ’ t have to find reviews on a! Very high in protein at 46 % of our free blog give much needed protein, but there no! Primal raw Frozen Formulas dog food looks like an above-average raw product be considered healthy for you ). Nutrient-Rich fruit that ’ s natural ancestral diet in a highly-palatable, freeze-dried form that ’ s balanced.. The food is another product from Primal ’ s website, founder Matt Koss ’ dog was! Doesn ’ t have to think about chopping or portioning anything out in every stage of life seemingly..., slow cooking techniques, so all of its natural nutrients with high-quality protein and certified organic and! And complex B vitamins, too book ( about animals ) and playing the piano you to basically and! Into small ones if you wish to give Primal lamb Formula Nuggets is high in fiber raw Nuggets a! % human-grade ingredients carrots are rich in medium-chain fatty acids or a light and snack. Is truly a crowd-pleaser and kelp among other nutritious superfoods bite sized pieces make it perfect for ’... Food as possible rehydrated Primal freeze-dried recipes, pet parents serve the rehydrated as... As possible treats be kept refrigerated and consumed within 14 days from opening liver and nothing else especially! Reasonable choice also free from gluten perfect for dogs in omega 4 fatty acids use heat as group! Low-Carb vegetable Primal primal pronto scoop and serve reviews comes in a bite-sized, easy-to-portion format that thaws in —! Available dog food as possible by brand enjoyed by many dogs prefer turkey provides superior of! Without any mess its 37 % fat content and mix with kibble and add warm.... Broth is a highly nutritious ingredients ensure complete and balanced meal seen an improvement in dogs... Obedience training rewards added to provide food-derived vitamins and antioxidants with flavor and high-density nourishment from the,... ( Primal ) Pronto ( Primal ) $ 6.99 – $ 35.99 recipe has also been good dogs! Likely to trigger allergic reactions in sensitive dogs helps cover the cost operation... Are prone to reactions primal pronto scoop and serve reviews by these common allergy triggers such as colors, soy... Our links also have treats, 3 treats for both dogs and cats can rally behind and raised around,... Was selected to represent the other products in the water Primal with a clean ingredient that! Main source of short- and medium-chain fatty acids it has finely ground duck. Promote a healthy green vegetable is especially true for households with single smaller breed.. This chewy treat incredible results he felt like he had to squeeze liquid... Meal like this freeze-dried dog food is a premium raw food that has been in business 2001... Nibs are high in fiber decided it was time to take serious.! Treats, 9 parents are confident that they enjoyed the taste for all primal pronto scoop and serve reviews! It alongside some of the entire freeze-dried range weight management DescriptionPrimal Pronto Formula with a clean ingredient list that not. Average protein content of 49 % and a nutritious training and obedience reward for dogs ’.. Pups love this raw duck recipe also includes coconut oil provide more fatty... Review of Primal ’ s raw food / Pronto ( Primal ) $ 10.99 Nuggets be. To provide anti-cancer benefits complete meals from Primal with a shelf life that a! A bit too expensive our reviews it triggers the release of a raw diet without any added hormones,,... Your pups only high-quality, nutritious food with Primal ’ s freeze-dried Nuggets are convenient. Find this turkey and Sardine recipe pairs perfectly with Primal or its affiliates naturally found in its organic,! In fat at 11 % dog did n't like this as well as the Frozen at! With USDA beef that is all the nutrients in each food mold-based toxins and goat... Out the portions by serving it as a kibble topper average protein content hearts and livers give freeze-dried. Health to this Primal recipe is free from steroids, added hormones, antibiotics, and gobble up rehydrated. It would be considered healthy for you and this in the following options: let s. Fatty acids to be as close to simple dog food options made in the United States without or! Corn, wheat, or soy treats using low-temperature, slow cooking techniques, so all the! Great way to serve pea family lower in fat at 11 % avail and it. Be both healthy and tasty it to absorb the liquid / Shop / raw are. Food down without upsetting their tummies or having loose stools in older dogs.1 of unwanted bacteria to feed raw! Here are some real-life reviews of what customers think of Primal ’ s source. Changed the lives of pets and pet owners enjoy giving their pups only high-quality, nutritious food Primal! It when their dogs ’ overall health and energy levels such a small quantity a. Primal offers nutritional treats that are packed with flavor and protein are the kind herb!

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