West Coast Racers is located in the new LA centric urban-themed area, The Underground, where guests experience a high-energy street vibe along with new dining and retail locations, including Twin Charged Tacos, Chicken Coupe, Snack Trax, Speed Shop and Six Gear. After significant delays, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, has debuted the latest addition to its coaster arsenal, West Coast Racers. This Premier Rides coaster features two tracks that are actually one, twisting in a Mobius strip design just like the Magic Mountain's Twisted Colossus. It's nonstop action as you slam from one turn, one twist, and one dip into the next, seemingly testing the limits of the soft, over-the-shoulder "seat belt" restraints that keep you from flying out of the car. I guess better late than never. For discount tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain, visit our officially authorized Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets page. Watching from the street, none of these hills will intimidate anyone. While certainly not an extreme ride, it does look like a fun coaster that would slip right into the roll of a family thrill coaster if not for the 54" height restriction. The race covers two complete laps, multiple airtime hills, extreme high-banked turns and exhilarating over/under near misses. West Coast Racers is a quasi Möbius launched roller coaster from Premier Rides. The pit stop needs some decorative work, which is one reason why Six Flags prohibited us from recording any on-ride video today. Riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a total of 12 riders per train. © 2020 - Park World Online - Theme Park, Amusement Park and Attractions Industry News. But off-ride views show the nonstop action that West Coast Racers delivers. That means you get two laps around the track in the park's new "Underground" section, which also now houses Apocalypse as well as West Coast Racers. West Coast Racers then will open to the public on January 9, 2020. West Coast Racers is located in a new LA-centric urban-themed area where guests will enjoy a high-energy street vibe. Get ready for West Coast Racers. In the summer, when this ride is open to everyone, I'd expect 90 minute waits at a minimum. You're not setting records around a superspeedway here. The ride experience includes two complete laps, multiple airtime hills, extreme high-banked turns and exhilarating over/under near misses. With identical trains to Full Throttle, this coaster will have similar capacity issues and tight quarters getting guests in and of the train quickly and efficiently. In between sides, there is a unique "pit stop" experience designed by West Coast Customs. For a ride that looks like the compact, junior version of Twisted Colossus, West Coast Racers might actually be the most efficient coaster in America in terms of thrills per second. Three trains run on the track. I've given this park a lot of crap over the years but I have to give credit where it's due, this does look like a nice addition that was perfectly placed in an area of the park that badly needed renovations. Arrangement: 3 trains with 2 cars per train. The area also includes the park’s popular wooden coaster, Apocalypse, and soon-to-open refurbished go karts, Pacific Speedway. Park World - Theme Park, Amusement Park and Attractions Industry News. (The lap bar's actually doing more of that work, though.). Then the initial launch doesn't smack you in the mouth the way that many other launch coasters do. Also placing my bet now that SF will outdo themselves and go down to mostly single-train operation after one year instead of two. Then the ops team will have reloaded that train during your first lap, so that it is ready to dispatch as soon as you hit the pit stop, allowing you to get through it faster than the Red Bull F1 team. We will be back for the media day then, bringing you on-ride video and more analysis. I don't know that I could take a flying run through both laps without pause — at least if I didn't want to stagger off the ride like someone in desperate need of a DUI attorney. West Coast Racers was worth the wait. Unlike traditional coasters, this one-of-a-kind racing coaster will feature two side-by-side tracks with four individual high-speed launches. I know SFMM gets a lot of flack from enthusiasts, but I've got to be honest: Based on what Disney appears to have planned, SFMM's likely got a better superhero ride than Disney will next year, and it appears they've now got a better Fast and Furious ride than what Universal came up with. There are four total inversions, including three zero G rolls and a zero G stall. Six Flags Magic Mountain this morning opened its long-delayed new racing coaster to Six Flags members. I was there for Season Pass holder's "Technical Rehearsal," and they were dispatching one train with twelve riders about every 120 seconds...for a massive hourly capacity of about 360. They should at least off-load one train while loading another, but the station is far too small for that. Riders experience 14 track crossovers and a high-five, where riders can almost high-five guests riding the opposing train, for a total of 30 train interactions, or 15 per lap. This is a street race. Load and unload at the same spot, both on the right side of the train. The maximum height on West Coast Racers measures just 67 feet. But first, Six Flags invited several reporters and guests to take a few rides. In fact, the top speed here is a Sammy-Hagar-rage-inducing 55 mph. There are side-by-side airtime hills and over banked turns, and speeds up to 55 mph (89 kph) as riders cross the finish line. The maximum height on West Coast Racers measures just 67 feet. Who's visiting theme parks for this holiday season? Unlike traditional coasters, this one-of-a-kind racing coaster features two side-by-side tracks with four individual high-speed LSM launches. That first lap actually left me hoping that Six Flags doesn't get too slick with its operations on West Coast Racers.

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