Water Serpents I & II by Gustav Klimt are two elaborate paintings which help define his career as a highly innovative period of great achievement. Chavez, D. (2016). The painting features a group of water nymphs, portrayed in lustful bliss. Water Serpents II, also referred to as Wasserschlangen II, is an oil painting made by Gustav Klimt in 1907. Klimt returned to the theme of 'sensual women in water' in two works know as Water Serpents I and Water Serpents II.Water Serpents I is not an oil painting, and its pale, unusual colouring is in part dictated by the medium used. His sensual approach to art created considerable controversy over the course of his career, and he was coined a rebel in the art world during a time in Vienna when traditional academic art was customary. You are influenced by what you see and experience every day and it somehow enters into your work whether you are conscious of it or not, and through Damian Chávez’s work we can see how an artist takes his influence and utilises and develops it as he himself develops as an artist. https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Tom_Gurney/270061, Arts and Entertainment: Painting Gustav Klimt. Painted by. Bade, P., Rogoyska, J. and Klimt, G. (2011). 304 Articles, By All rights reserved. This positioning of the hands is a recognisable feature of Klimt’s work used to add to the delicate intricacy of his paintings. Title: Water Serpents I. Professional Art Restoration of Gorgeous BIG Murals in Los Angeles... And the Artist Helped! Both of the women featured in the paintings have a thoughtful and distant expression, however this is something Chávez continues in the overall atmosphere of the painting whereas “Klimt was largely unconcerned at this time with depicting his sitter’s character, and even less so with providing location and context” (The Art Story), he was more interested in the way he adorned them with gold and pattern. ArtWork Analysis; Artworks; Galleries; Store; Home / Gustav Klimt / Gustav Klimt ArtWorks / Water Serpents I, (Friends), 1904; Ads Ads Water Serpents I, (Friends), 1904. Bouvier didn't tell Rybolovlev that he was actually the owner of the painting and had paid $112 million for it. This work is a clear example of an artist having developed their influences through their earlier work and now refining and, 7 Damian Chávez, Daughters of Jupiter, 2014. making them their own. The other two figures can be found in the top right corner of the piece, and we can only see their heads. It was rather unusual for Gustav Klimt to paint males in his art work; his passion for creating alluring and sensuous females - both naked and clothed – was often regarded as an obsession. Many people say the true purpose of the painting was to secretly portray a lesbian orgy. The irregular repeated rectangle pattern can be found in multiple Klimt paintings and in ‘Valerie’ Chávez enlarges this pattern and uses primary colours, mainly blue tones, instead of Klimt’s lavish gold, black, and white to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and wistfulness with contrasting pops of red and yellow in the shapes to bring his subject forward from the background. “Vision” is individual, it is what the artist sees and wants to convey in their work, and they typically develop their own aesthetic style through their skill set and techniques to channel this vision. The painting was the last in a series of works, which include Moving Water (1898), Medicine (1901), Goldfish (1902), and Water Serpents I (1904), that all had water nymphs as the subjects of the painting. This glare is reminiscent of the way the subject glares at the viewer in the controversial painting Olympia by Manet. Water Serpents II is the better known of the two paintings and features a greater variety of colour than the first. Her closed eyes, open mouth, and hand nearing her face are all gestures frequent in Klimt’s work to convey his character’s pleasure. Watch an episode of Two Minute Masterpiece: This website is licensed under a Creative Commons License, This website is licensed under a Creative Commons LicenseCopyright © 2002-2017 klimtgallery.org, Subscribe for exclusive news and discounts, Water Serpents II by Gustav Klimt | Oil Painting | klimtgallery.org, Order a Hand-Painted Reproduction of this Painting, Order a Water Serpents II by Gustav Klimt Reproduction. Ironically, Ucicky is actually rumored to be one of Klimt's many illegitimate children. This painting, and its lesbian subjects, is seen as a precursor to later Klimt paintings such as Women Friends (1917), which displayed lesbian relationships more openly. Gustav Klimt Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works. Style is like our signature. 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And maximum stresses from all load cases (static and all moments of time during waterhammer) Maximum stresses. ornament. The original paintings were normally based on huge canvases by an artist who needed room to achieve the exceptional level of detail which he liked to put into the majority of his paintings in the latter part of his career. The same table can be checked for displacements, support loads, flange leakage, expansion joint deformations, etc. An artist may be inspired also by the ideas of another artist or stories that their work tells. The way that he updates these attributes is an example of the process that art and design requires to be able to continue, and appropriately addresses use of influence in a way which displays admiration to the original artist. 4 Gustav Klimt, Water Serpents II, 1904 ornament. This title suggests that the painting is the direct product of ‘Danaë’’s influence, its offspring, or its ‘daughter’ even, as if in Klimt’s painting Danaë becomes pregnant and Chávez’s piece shows her daughters here in the 21st century. In 2013 Yves Bouvier sold the painting to the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, one of the largest private art collectors in the world. Klimt’s “Water Serpents I” proposed a theme of lesbianism (two nude women embracing each other).

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