Secondary monitor is working. My HP monitor 2310 starts in few seconds, and goes black, i tried all the ports, does the same. Re: Monitor goes black after a few seconds when on DP, starts working after a while when toggling co ‎04-07-2020 02:15 AM I tried a third DP v.1.4 cable, the most expensive that I found, and now this problem seems to have subsided, but a new problem is a small flicker … S2209WPF monitor goes blank after a few seconds Hi. Then everythin OK for a few minutes, then same again. The screen has started going blank, as if it is going into power saving mode, but the on/off switch remains white rather than going orange. Sorry if this is the wrong board. Got a monitor issue. I have a Dell S2209WPF monitor that is 3 years and 2 months old. Screen goes black for a few seconds and comes back randomly Windows 10 in General Support Hi, This just started happening after the Windows 10 anniversary upgrade recently. please help It can't even show the menu. Some people may face various annoying problems with their monitor. Screen going black for a few seconds randomly in games While playing any games the screen will randomly turn black for a few seconds then turn back on, I have noticed though playing games in 144hz will trigger this to happen more and in rare cases the computer will crash to a blue screen. One particular issue is the monitor going black, this problem taking place after a couple of seconds. Over the past few months, my primary monitor randomly (no pattern to the issue) goes black but the led shows it to still be working. My monitor keeps going black for a few seconds then comes back as normal with the monitor staus window showing HDMI ACTIVE for a couple of seconds. Its unfortunately 2 months past its warranty period. The screen goes black at random times for 2 seconds or so and comes back and it is quite annoying at times. After the words show deteting the ports, it goes blank. not light at all. Only way to get the primary back is to reboot the computer. Looked at other posts about this issue be could not find anything addressing my issue.

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