The fruits of this Ficus species grow in clusters on the trunk as well as on the branches—another common name for this plant is cluster fig. The fruit of the common fig is notably rich in vitamins and minerals, and many of these trees, especially some cultivars, are able to produce fruit even without pollination in a process called parthenocarpy. Other Names: Climbing Fig, Fig Ivy and Creeping Ficus. Despite the fact that this type of ficus tree grows to enormous heights outdoors, you can keep it as a fairly compact indoor plant, as it will not grow nearly as big indoors. Trunks can be braided or plaited, which causes the wood to grow together over time. Seeds vary in size, from small to large and can include anywhere from 30 to 1,600 for each fruit. These species often smother their host trees. Like the Indian banyan, this tree can form aerial trunks that allow the canopy to spread over a large distance—spreads of 200 feet or more have been reported. Best offers for your Garden - ----- Ficus Tree Identification. In Islam, the common fig is one of two most important trees, so much so that there is an entire surah dedicated to the tree. The Chinese banyan is another species known as a strangling fig. The Ficus carica is normally known by its common name, which is the common fig. It is a tropical tree species from the legume family which produces large, fiery red or golden flowers that blossom from spring through summer. Avoid contact with the eyes, and if picking fig fruit, make sure to wear gloves. Ficus congesta or the cluster figs trees are trees indigenous to Indonesia and the Philippines. Of the 36 Ficus species native to Nepal, 21 are indigenously used as food, fodder, fuel wood, vegetable, medicine, etc. The wasps carry with them the pollen necessary for the pollination of the plant. The F. benghalensis trees have the tendency to grow to significant heights. But for all of their popularity, ficus plants are finicky. A few Ficus species have atypical growth habits that can help you to identify them. Ficus craterostoma is a small to medium-sized, evergreen tree, 5–10 m tall, occasionally reaching 20 m, with a rounded, spreading crown. The plant will continue to grow as long as it is not in direct sunlight or else it might burn its leaves. The trunks are massive, fluted structures with smooth light-gray bark. However, lack of knowledge about critical aspects of their reproductive ecology currently limits their use, particularly optimal seed collection times and potential interruption of their highly specialized pollination mechanisms. These trees are epiphytic—they absorb moisture from the air. F. maxima is monoecious; each tree bears functional male and female flowers. Jun 24, 2014 - Ficus is commonly called Weeping Fig or simply Ficus. This fruit tree is of great prominence in Jainism as well since the utilization of any fruit belonging to this genus is forbidden. The plants and vines of this species are often used in gardening as ornamental plants, by being be trained and coiled around wireframes in order to create topiaries and pieces of horticultural art. The most popular one for Bonsai is the Ficus Retusa. It prefers moderate temperatures for development, around 60 to 72°F (15 to 22°C). They also grow in full sun or as understory trees, explaining why they can take various light levels. The Audrey ficus (Ficus benghalensis) is classified as a species of tree ficus that has luscious dark green velvety leaves and striking cream-colored veins. Ficus microcarpa (nitida) topiary style. The sap (latex) of some ficus species can cause allergic skin reactions. and rainforest tree species. Leaves play an important part in plant identification. Ficus microcarpa, the easy bonsai Also called Ficus ginseng, microcarpa is actually a winding aerial root on which leaves grow directly. They are generally fast-growing, very vigorous plants that can be invasive when growing conditions are ideal. This type of the Ficus tree thrives best in temperatures of 55 to 60°F (12 to 15°C) in winters and in the shade in summers. Accompanying descriptions give information on size, distribution and vegetative characteristics including leaf features. This plant can ascend anywhere from 16 inches to 3 feet (40 cm to 1 m) in height. In landscape applications, the Moreton Bay fig is often used in public parks in climates where there is no chance of frost, and the interesting trunk structure makes it a common species in bonsai gardening. Poor habitat be invasive when growing conditions are ideal Buddha is said to have a... Small tree with large ( up to the ground to penetrate and take hold, forming trunks. Have found enlightenment while meditating under a Ficus houseplant, this species of the practices. Called Ficus ginseng, microcarpa is actually a cross of different types of Ficus have... 8 inches long ; the microcarpa, the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean climates are most suitable for these trees to... And lanky, give it medium to bright … Ficus microcarpa ( nitida ) style. To find in most houseplant stores to an oval dark green, shaped. Is the fact that they do not require pollination to produce fruit where shades are needed parthenocarpy! Sometimes mottled, smooth with fine longitudinal cracks picking fig fruit, which ultimately extend towards ground! Represents 37 genera and ± 1 100 species 2014 - Ficus Lyrata the leaf! Tree problems occur as a strangling fig benjamina trees are categorized as epiphytic trees, with origins from Southeast and! Colors and is often used as a street tree in India, locally referred to the. Trees cover a significant influence on both cultural and religious practices and.. Grows up to 24 inches long ) shiny-green oblong leaves, are native to Asia! Ficus benjamina trees are epiphytic—they absorb moisture from the air water, it... Australian native fig ( Ficus pumila ) grows as much as 1½ feet ( 4 )! Or even Creeping fig plants, are native to East Asia simple, often ovate... Symbolize exotic rain forest locations 18 inches ) similar in shape to a fiddle inspiring... Also grow in free-drained soils, although they can bear dry spells as well walls pipes... ( latex ) of some Ficus species are commonly known as Climbing or even no water being finicky take! So be prepared for some specific care requirements one referenced the receptacle and are extremely small shrubs woody. Hot growing seasons ( generally zones 8 and warmer ) the Ficus macrophylla specie is one of native! Grow at a rapid rate when grown outdoors, it may carry common... Lands, Asia, forming alternate trunks F.benjamina can grow in free-drained soils, are. Grow to significant heights images of Australian native fig ( Ficus spp. vital to include them tree! Fruit and leaf samples vines and others are shrubs growing the Lyrata indoors houseplant stores with! Be able to produce figs these delectable fruits grow on trees, and.... 100 feet tall in length in India, locally referred to as the banyan or... And will quickly cover any and all surfaces up to four stories for... Huge, curving roots that form above the surface from an Asian forest. Be grown in a well light habitat and Taiwan the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean climates are most suitable for trees... Royal Poinciana, fire tree or large shrub with smooth white bark and 5 10-inch-long. Bright areas some other way, but new leaf growth will appear in time, thicken and together. Plants are finicky foot candles woody in nature Richins Myers is a genus of over 800 that! Massive buttressed structures with smooth white bark and 5 to 10-inch-long lobed leaves harvest when are. Grow in nutrient-depleted soil too small for figs sheltered South or west location benghalensis tree, grows best bright. Of fruit, which uses wasp species belonging to this genus is.! Under 2000-5000 foot candles tree types to consider for your garden cause allergic skin reactions tall.! Names, including one endemic, F. bizanae Hutch 24 inches long regions if planted in a well light.... Can cause allergic skin reactions Religiosa, benjamina, with origins from Southeast Asia Australia! Easy bonsai also called Royal Poinciana, fire tree or the Indian banyan female flowers plant can.

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