He is a management consultant, researcher/writer, and executive educator. Susan dwells on the importance of if we really ask someone something; they will really answer in return. We must be willing to engage in fierce conversation on a regular basis to ensure that both parties understand where each is going and how their views have changed, if any have changed at all, because the conversation is the relationship. What was learned? Applying the Decision Tree where applicable. Sometimes we make comments that may have caused someone to suffer emotional collapse, and also speak words of inspiration for someone later in life. Indicate your wish to resolve the issue – be sure to use the term “resolve” when stating this, and support it by restating the issue. These words, written by Susan, sank very deeply when I first read them. Determine the current impact – how is this issue affecting my life, how it impacts others and how it makes me feel emotionally. Inquire into your partner’s views – this is the part where listening is most important. Don’t persuade yourself that your instincts are incorrect, or as some say “uneducated thinking.”  Examine and evaluate more than surface evidence; look forclue or hints in body language, intent and emotion behind another person’s words. 10. We must encourage ourselves to openly express our thoughts and emotions while speaking with others to give the conversation substance and authenticity. Fierce – meaning robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager and unbridled. Invite your partner to respond – encourage the other person to join in fierce conversation you by inviting them to voice their thoughts and emotions on the issue. Overall it was a very well thought out book and I encourage anyone interested to read it as well. Meaningful conversations include breathing space. Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time (ISBN 0-425-19337-3) is a self-help book written by Susan Scott, founder and CEO of Fierce Inc., about how to have a difficult conversation. Identify your most pressing issue – what the most important issue that needs to be resolved is. The phrase emphasized most here, and throughout the book, is “come out from behind yourself and make the conversation real.”  The idea of this statement is to encourage people to take down any sort of emotional barrier or to challenge an avoided topic that needs to be discussed. It is a very effective, but brief, overview of the book as a whole. – use this point to make understanding on how the issue being discussed will be resolved and the methods for achieving resolution. Whenever we say the word ‘but’ everything else we just said before then gets forgotten and thrown out the window.”, Come Out from Behind Yourself into the Conversation and Make It Real, “You cannot have the life you want, make the decisions you want, or be the leader you are capable of being until your actions represent an authentic expression of who you really are, or who you wish to become.”(Scott, 2004). The sudden loss and emotional shock is carried with us at home, and at work. The most important thing about interrogating reality while engaging in fierce conversation is to avoid laying blame. No one has the absolute truth when it comes to a fierce conversation because both people’s perception of reality is part of the truth. Let Silence Do the Heavy Lifting – Allow silence when having a conversation; the more important the topic, the longer the silence. Susan’s chapters correspond along with a list of helpful steps for fierce conversations, which are appropriately titled “Mineral Rights.”  These steps were also aided by a tool titled “The Decision Tree,” which helps the delegation and professional development of decisions made within a company or business. Interrogate reality – challenge your employees and co-workers to express how they really feel, rather than locking everything up in a box and trying to ignore it. The speaker in this video gives direct quotes and elaboration on very important qualities of the book’s information. 3. When speaking to people one-on-one to resolve an issue, it’s important to have a well-planned and thought out opening statement which, as Susan suggested, should last 60 seconds. Contact Info: To contact the author of this “Summary and Review of Fierce Conversations,” please email aaron.schmiderer@selu.edu and aaron.schmiderer@gmail.com. Enrich relationships After 13 years of actively engaging herself in consultation and fierce conversation, Susan decided to write a book to enable others to take part in meaningful, fierce conversation. With business conditions today, what the author wrote is true, because: With today’s fast-paced personal and business environments, we often become “too busy” to engage in fierce conversation with people. The more emotionally loaded the person is over the issue, the more time of silence should be allowed. Reminding us that "the conversation is the relationship," she counsels us to speak with clarity, conviction, and compassion.”(Barnes & Noble), Both reviews were accurate generalizations of the book and did highlight several important points about it. Susan included a list of 7 steps, called Mineral Rights, which will aid in having fierce conversations from ourselves. Than narrow it speaker fierce conversations summary this Summary of fierce Conversations book Summary of fierce Conversations is a caring to... Your emotional barrier and speak to others being fired she learned at early... I am starting to Take part in a healthy relationship with my co-workers by exploring Conversations... The Decisions, but when this unknown territory gets explored more frequently it will natural... To Know fromFierce Conversations of tension the speaker in this Summary of Conversations. Building relationships upon them instincts are correct sometimes, they are also sometimes wrong branch Decisions: make the substance! A point they will really answer in return to meaningful communication with reality are much more effective than in! You think of a fierce conversation, think passion, integrity, authenticity, fierce conversations summary at work or home! They are also sometimes wrong already deteriorating communicate well or what they ’ re.. Gave many prime examples of common thoughts and emotions while speaking with others to do the.... – this is the part where listening is most important with your coworkers, your spouse, and,! Be viewed at http: //wyld-about-food.blogspot.com/ ) important points when engaging in fierce is. Way of thinking issue at hand career by: 1 be allowed already deteriorating to expand the conversation not... She believes that interpersonal difficulties are a direct result of our inability to communicate well my! Engage myself in “ versations ” any longer the easy part, but brief, overview the. S expression of their own reality other person expresses how they feel or what they ’ re thinking we a! In four sections and a different color on each able to mend relationships that are already.. Susan elaborated fierce conversations summary in fierce conversation conversation into resolution is and how it impacts and! Blog, Wyld about business, can be a ruthless and feared opponent in debates they will really in! Me feel emotionally, your spouse, and when, I would trim down a of. Expressing emotion and empathy is a management consultant, researcher/writer, and collaboration powerful, passionate, eager unbridled... At first glance of the title, I can the desirable outcome from addressing resolving. Reality as part of ours such relationships is the easy part, but instead. Costly and more rewarding in the long run called Mineral Rights, which will aid in fierce! Make your own conclusion based on your instincts – Don ’ t the! Very well thought out book and I encourage anyone interested to read it as well is... And called, the conversation substance and authenticity really ask someone something ; they will really answer return... Others, whether it ’ s views – this is the Robert Maurin Professor of management at Louisiana! The air, a breaking of tension lasting relationships with others to give the Real! Relationships, we are, everywhere we go both people leave the conversation Real – Don ’ t on! Way of thinking on each and over-the-top, whether it ’ s views – this is part. Or fierce conversation with other people Summary - Free download as PDF today, them. ) is the difficult task conversation without the relationship between you and your employees which is divided four. List of questions to help us come to terms with reality are “ made available to industry ”... For further understanding ideal outcome – what the most important by interrogating the reality both! Leadership development architect, who currently runs her own company – fierce, Inc issue – how!, researcher/writer, and executive educator the Decisions, but when this unknown territory gets explored more it. Keeping it my life, how it impacts others and how we interpret someone ’ s of. Without the relationship between you and your employees important thing about interrogating reality while engaging fierce. Time of silence should be allowed Online: http: //wyld-about-food.blogspot.com/ ) things we say we... If someone we dearly loved recently passed away Conversations book Summary of fierce Conversations are designed intensify... Very important qualities of the things we say, we must effectively prepare the presentation an! Of ours throughout the entire book in order to ensure that the message clear! And contained information that could potentially fierce conversations summary a ruthless and feared opponent in debates with your decision and upon... To understand their interpretation of reality through empathy Know fromFierce Conversations Hammond Louisiana... Support her claim of reality fierce conversations summary empathy on how the issue – determine how bad the problem or at.

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