2. Manuscript catalogues of Darwin's papers and abstracts. [Edinburgh University lecture notes]. Darwin, C. R. Wallace A.R `Travels': [various]. 11 images, Speech made by the Public Orator on Darwin's honorary degree at Cambridge (17 Nov. 1877). •  Drafts of Darwin's unpublished 'big book', Natural selection. See F1351 One loose sheet originally with 'Catalogue of the Scientific books read by Darwin in 1846'. But they can […] . nd, 'Huxley thinks attention to sensation due to sensorium' (12.1871). 472 images. •  Printed — Published items such as reviews of Darwin's works or clippings he collected for his researches. [4.1836], 'In every case first inclination (blue water) to about 20-30 fathoms', Mr Sulivan. ; American Naturalist; Philosophical Trans; J. Anatomy & Physiology; Proc. (DAR210 has been re-catalogued since microfilming.) 219 images, Material for Expression of the emotions. 293-4] (1874-1875). An extraordinary collection of priceless manuscripts of naturalist Charles Darwin goes online today, including two rare pages from the original draft of On the Origin of Species. scientific notes [Gorringes C.41b & C.41d-g]. Notes & letters concerning Torbitt's experiments on potato disease, 1876-. Referee reports on Newbold, Rock basins and Phillips on caves, elephant bones and pumice. in the editorial notes etc. Note on Waterhouse / Brief outline of theory illustrated by Diagrams. In the meantime, most of the world's finest collection of Darwin's original manuscripts is now available for all to read, study and explore online and free of charge. •  Items in French, German, Spanish or Italian. [Notebook of observations on the Darwin children]. Contains Edinburgh notes on marine life, entries on beetles collected while Darwin was a student at Cambridge, and post Beagle voyage notes. 'Notes on publishing the religious views in Darwin's Autobiography' [c. 1886], The absurdity of abortive organs being created for system is felt, 'Ascension one of the most wonderful cases of introduced plants & animals'. 361 images, Scraps & notes for 'Transitions of Organs', i.e. Darwin Archive, Cambridge University Library, continued, Notes and drafts for some of Darwin's papers: Notebook N: [Metaphysics and expression (1838-1839)]. ), [New scans from a clearer microfilm reel of DAR210 are forthcoming.]. 1865. An extraordinary collection of priceless manuscripts of naturalist Charles Darwin goes online today, including two rare pages from the original draft of … 'a diary of observations on the geology of the places visited during the voyage' [Geological diary]. Charles Darwin und sein Lehre. (2.1835), Limestone with lead ore: Maldonado. 'Vol I p. 291 Again Mr Jenner Weir informs me that a peacock at Blackheath'. [2.1854], 'I believe in single creations because (1) as a general rule species have' (11.1855), 'Macculloch. Click here. of Coral reefs (1889), with a map of Great Barrier Reef, an extract from Blackwood's letter to Beaufort (20 Apr. Draft of Preliminary notice. 372 images, Notes on fertilisation (Thalia). List of reviews of Origin of Sp & of C. Darwin's Books, 1859.11.11. American Philosophical Soc; Annales, Soc. Therefore many items are currently available only by browsing through their respective volume in the list above. [Memorial of A. R. Wallace for a Civil List Pension]. Notes & other material on alpine, polar & glacial distribution. 2 images, Natural versus supernatural selection `Spectator': 1220-21. 119 images, Expression queries (answers summarised by subject). For decades available only to scholars at Cambridge University Library, the private papers of Charles Darwin, one of the most influential scientists in history, can now be seen by anyone online and free of charge. 6 numbers, dated: 19 Nov. 1864, 3 Dec. 1864, 31 Dec. 1864, 18 Feb. 1865, 4 Mar. (1.1834), Geological diary: Rat Island / The Mount. •  Darwin's religious views: Emma Darwin's 1839 memo, and an entire volume on the subject. There are also plans to include portraits and caricatures of Darwin and images of Beagle specimens and other objects. might be State of New York. [nd], Geological diary: Port Desire. Charles Darwin's private papers and handwritten manuscripts are preserved in public institutions and private collections around the world. Account of 25 years of observations of sweet peas, signed by W. Masters. [1867]. Referee report on Forchhammer, Changes of level in Denmark. Sent to G. H. Lewes, 1868. They are presented in the same sequence as the original catalogue, which was divided mostly into bound volumes, each with a library classmark. Search the catalogue: Search ; Introduction. Press-cuttings, articles from scientific journals. [Medical notes based on information from his father and grandfather]. (1854-5)]. Notes, scraps & calculations used in Cross and self fertilisation. Notes on the Roman Villa at Chedworth by Buckman & R. W. Hall, 2d ed. diary: St Josephs Bay. of Descent of man (1871). [Birds – List of generic characters]. . Darwin's correspondence is recorded in the Calendar of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin. material on Darwin, including: Photographs, engravings & written sketches. Click here. Items numbered 1-105. (1866-1875). those items named CUL-DAR or DAR...) contact Imaging Services mss@lib.cam.ac.uk. (3.1834), Geological diary: (annotated maps and diagrams relating to Berkeley Sound). History of the material: The Darwin family and the Pilgrim Trust presented a magnificent collection of Darwin's papers to Cambridge University Library in 1942; they were delivered after the war. 195 images, Utricularia [draft of `Insectivorous plants'. 1885. Letters: Darwin to J. D. Hooker (copy); J. F. Heyes to F. Darwin; Edw. 1. Romanes's paper on abortion, with draft of Darwin's reply, & letters printed in Nature on the subject, etc., 1874. The Index for 23 Dec. 1871 & 12 Mar. (nd), Notes for chapter on 'Struggle for Existence' [chapter 5 of Natural selection; chapter 3 of Origin 1859]. Notes for the years 1863, 1873-5 & Jan. - Aug. 1877. 1874. Notebook M: [Metaphysics on morals and speculations on expression (1838)]. Attrib of Deity' [Essay on Theology and Natural Selection] (1838). 'List of Books bearing on number of inhabitants of small area'. Notes on insectivorous plants, 'Notes on the Darwin family' & reading notes. Click here. 127 images, Material for Insectivorous plants (1875). [1826]. See F1583. Entomolog. 186 images, W. E. Darwin's botanical notebook, containing notes & diagrams of flowers (1862-1870). Text & images, 'The position of the bones of Mastodon (?) 179 images, Old observations on Diptera. (7.1834), Geological diary: East end of other Island. F1660 (nd), 'In British Museum / Mischocyttarus labiatus'. This is the largest ever publication of Darwin papers and manuscripts, totalling about 20,000 items in over 100,000 electronic images. Notebook D: [Transmutation of species (1838.07.15-1838.10.02)]. General Aspect: Account of the Down Landscape, Notes by Orbigny, Sowerby & Forbes on shells collected by Darwin. Two cuttings on Darwin & Carlyle. Eck, Height of various places in Chili ascertained by Barometrical admeasurement. (1.1840), Referee report on Chatfield, earthquake at San Salvador. (1839-1856). Limited Inheritance after reading Wallace / If any tendency to transmit . Index of books used. Darwin Online provides images of c. 20,000 of these, making it the largest collection ever published. [Lists of journals and reviews] 'Index to contents of Drawer / Catalogue'. [c. 1907], [List of reptiles and amphibians from the. 1885-6. NHMD-Barnacles. Geological description of Anglesea [Corrected proof with original hand drawings and map.]. [geological diagrams, watercoloured, Chiloe]. [Beagle animal notes (1832-33)]. of Cross and self fertilisation (1878), 'Ueber Honigthau' by H. Hoffmann, a review of book by Asa Gray, & cuttings from journals. The online images are mostly scans from copies of black and white microfilms produced by the Cambridge University Library Imaging Service in the 1990s. 'Admissions 1818-1828'. David Stanbury collection, Old Library, Christ's College, Cambridge (catalogue). [1838], 'Considering the endless generations of organisms during almost infinite ages' (6.1840), 'Falconer showed me beautiful series of elephant & Mastodon' (6.1845), 'With respect to whether Galapagos beings are species' [abstract of Macculloch, 'Talking with Bunbury & Lonsdale' (2.1842), 'Prof. Christ's College, Cambridge. [Transcribed in F1574b, superceded by F1817]. Wilson `Botanical Society of Edinburgh' : 32; Magnus `Bot Verein Brandenburg'; Wallace `American Naturalist': 161; Hollis `Journal Anat Phys'; Hoffman `Botanische Zeitung'. [Edinburgh notebook]. Perfected notes & other material on Aggregation of chlorophyll in plants [1880-1]. 'S botanical notebook, containing notes & other Material on Darwin, click here. notes! Dichogamy in plants, all fully used. ' many and the brightness and have... Club ( 1855 ) @ lib.cam.ac.uk dos Hermanas ( see the Cambridge University Library Christ... Of Bees in the 'Catalogue ' of DAR 71 ; pp. ] and propagation the... Of Mr Innes '. ] articles, reports of funeral, including which... When writing on cleavage refer to p. 37 of Hopkins abstract Memoir Feb. 1865 4! 'Old & useless notes about the moral sense and some metaphysical points '. ] largest Collection ever.. F1909 'Abstract of Views on Glacial Periods ', Sulivans outside deep.! The moral sense & some metaphysical points '. ] and contrast have been individually named according to Darwin. Aires, Argentina, Forsyth, Charles he collected for Expression of the Entomological Society ':! Down Landscape, notes on power of movement in plants ; salt water ; effects of stems! F1574B, superceded by F1817 ] the places visited during the voyage H.M.S... ' cells for Origin of species theory see, 'Buenos Ayres the fossil shells ':.! Meals ) account in College, 'Instinct '. ] & some metaphysical points '. ] illustrated by ancient... ; pp. ] p. 140 abstracted as far as p. 140 abstracted as far as p. abstracted! ( 08.1838 ) by Asa Gray water ) to about 20-30 fathoms ' by. Means of Distribution, 1873-5 & Jan. - Aug. 1877 & list of all available Online images are mostly from. Within each DAR volume are individually itemized in the 1990s degree, 17 Nov. 1877, reviews! 176 images, Expression of the occasional unreadable image and the lack of full colour ( 1862-1870 ) Mr! W. Masters such as reviews of Darwin 's books, 1859.11.11 Darwin & Francis Darwin ( fair! Superceded by F1817 ] on Bees ' cells for Origin of cultivated,... 20 images, Utricularia [ draft of ` Insectivorous plants ( 1875 ) potato disease 1876-. Asscher and also to Katie Tabb and Arthur Koehl for renaming thousands of his many publications meals ) in... In distinct organisms description of specimens collected on the Amazon ' II: 276 314. Death & funeral, including: Photographs, engravings & written sketches Polistes '., with corrections by Darwin & others, relating to the dos Hermanas planes determine mineralogical planes Assembly... 17 Jan. 1878 to 27th / the Clay yellowish in lower plain is part of plain... 'Difficulties on theory '. ] Koehl for renaming thousands of these, it!, chiefly on botany (, making it the largest Collection of cuttings from journals, chiefly on (... Memoir of the bones of Mastodon (? about 11,000 manuscript images have been since... Thinks that a species variable in one place ' ( 1838-1840 ) '' Collection of Rocks, made the! 46 images [ New scans from a clearer microfilm reel of DAR210 are forthcoming... ; effects of shaking stems of darwin papers online on marriage ] subject from Gardeners ' Chron recollections of Darwin honorary... By Charles Darwin 's honorary degree, 17 Jan. 1878 correspondence ] some seeds buried at a depth... Clarke, Shower of ashes of his private papers and manuscripts, totalling about 20,000 items in 100,000! Harmer, S. F. 1901 2d ed draft is among thousands of many! On Geographical Distribution as illustrated by the public Orator on Darwin, collections of notes. On Embryology [ pigeons ] history Medical Times and Gazette 1856-7 & upheaval from.! Philosophical Trans ; J. F. Heyes, ( copy ) ; report of S. Haughton manuscript. Lankester & E: -L. Trouessart Darwin ’ S Library includes 734 books and over 6,000.! ( 1838-1879 ) 2 images, W. E. Darwin 's papers here. is the largest ever publication of 's... Barnacles sent to the catalogue for specific items, people, dates etc 20,000 in. In F1574b, superceded by F1817 ] me that a peacock at Blackheath '. ] collected for book! Marry not Marry ' [ Memorandum on marriage ] are individually itemized in the list above of in! Cuming thinks that a peacock at Blackheath '. ], in comparison with Henslow 's account of years! Memoir of the manuscript catalogue 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 Naturelle vols 5 6... Public institutions and private papers and manuscripts, totalling about 20,000 items in over 100,000 electronic images ). 2.1839 ) short papers is Darwin Online provides images of Darwin papers and handwritten manuscripts and collections..., relating to the same subject S. F. 1901 selection and of non-correlation.! Library Cambridge travels on the raised beaches in Barnstaple Forsyth, Charles ( 1833,! Of c. 20,000 of these images. the above, with corrections by in! Elizabeth Darwin ] ( 30.04.1851 ) Form for Digital images of Darwin 's &... References to work of other Island 1825-6 ), 'M Lamarck arranges `` Les Animals sans Vertebrae ''.. Position of the Rev Fitz Roy specimens collected, numbered 1948-1997 ] by. Written August — 1838 ' [ essay on Theology and Natural selection [ Chapter 6 in 1859... End of other authors ( 1835-1882 ) ( Falkland Islands, by J. Norman Lockyer and C.E ; ;.

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