For the no zipper cushion cover, you mention in the video that measurements for larger cushions are “provided below”. What are your favorite cushion cover patterns? To make this invisible zipper cushion cover, these steps are adapted from Katie of Sew Katie Did. That means we earn commission for purchases made through some of our links. Place a pin on all the edges to secure it in place. Sew the bottom edge of your top piece, as well as the top edges of your back pieces. Thank you. Thank you for your support! None of these programs affect the price that you pay on any purchases made – but it does help us keep the bills paid. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If the latter, avoid fabric that may cause allergies. Love to Sew gives us two variations on the zipper cushion cover. No matter the type you pick, both of them do well in hiding the zipper from plain view. Then, lay the zipper down again. While it may seem daunting, a few tries at using the zipper foot is all you need to get a hang of your new machine. This variation is a bit trickier than the covered zipper technique, since it requires a few tweaks to hide the zipper. Then, lay one of the bottom pieces, good side down, on top of the fabric, lining up the edges from either the top or the bottom. Using scrap fabrics may be too complicated for beginning sewists, but it’s still doable. This video shows an example of how to make cushion covers with a shirt. Open up both pieces of fabric, still face down. Second, you will need a sewing machine with a zipper foot or an invisible zipper foot. To do this, fold the fabric from about ½ an inch from the edge. Plus, you can hug it close while reminiscing! Then, iron out the creases. Many people get into sewing because it’s a great way to save money. Since it doesn’t have a fasten, this pattern is best for smaller cushions. Fabrics made of natural, non-synthetic fibers are also a good bet. Use the directions below as a general guide to help you figure out how to cover your sofa or love seat. Then, lay down the second piece, good face down. And you now have your invisible zipper cushion cover! is part of the Amazon affiliate program. We will need to remove this stitch later. Cut out your fabric; You will need to cut out three pieces of fabric for one cushion cover: one for the front and two for the back. So, if you feel up to the challenge, bust out those threads and needles, and let’s talk about cushion cover making. If you choose extra pieces of material, you will need to stitch the pieces together until they form a piece large enough for the cover. Ironing it, as well as adding pins, can be a big help – especially for beginners. To prepare your fabric, wash it on its recommended setting, especially if it’s made of natural fibers. Check out the tutorial from Sew Katie to see the specific feet she uses for both zipper types. Fabric measurements should be equal to the pillow insert that you plan on using. Finish the seams to make sure that the fabric doesn’t fray. The front cover would be equal to Measurement A on all four sides. This zipper will have finer teeth than your regular zipper, which means that it can be easily hidden inside of your pillow seams. Mark out where the zipper starts and ends on your fabric. There are two main cushion cover patterns: the first is one with a zipper, and the other is an envelope design. Cushion covers are often subjected to a lot of rough handling. Then, turn the shirt inside out. Another added benefit of old t-shirts is that they’re generally less work than the usual cushion cover pattern. They’re easy to make, and great to have around the house! Upholstery fabric like wool and cotton blends can be great cushion cover choices. She regularly contributes reviews of sewing machines, from which she’s built up quite the collection! Fabric that is thick and bulky can be unwieldy to work with, but can save you a lot of headache down the line. Cut around the shape, and sew! Below, we have two patterns to get you started. Also if the cut pieces are the exact measurement of the cushion insert, that does not take into account the seam allowance. Since their design isn’t complicated, you can trial and error your way through the process and pick up skills as you go. First, measure one side of your inner cushion. Stitch the zipper using a zipper foot along both edges. Arrange it so that the pattern is going in the direction you would like for your finished pillow. First, you will need an invisible zipper. You can also do this by hand. While they can be crucial décor in a room, it can be hard to find the one cover to bring your room together. A cushion cover is a great use for scrap fabric or clothes that you don’t use or wear anymore. Cut … In this way, you can be sure that your fabric can be measured accurately and handled better. Cut out the sections for the sofa slipcover. For complete beginners who have yet to own their first sewing machine, this may be a deal-breaker. Now all you need to do is turn your cushion cover inside out, and it will be ready for your cushion insert! These are all free and easy to get started with. The envelope cushion cover is a great pattern for this purpose, since you can simply insert the inner cushion without needing a special closure. Thank you for your support! And yes – you can make your own cushion covers even if you’re a complete newbie!

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