Fortunately there are still a small number of production builders that are focused on performance.

The 5X cockpit and the salon are all on one level with 6′-6″ headroom throughout, so no stairs. Hi Eric and Tamara, it’s a great adventure, and we’re all really looking forward to sailing with you guys again! The salon on the 5X. The Lagoon salon. NZ Dollar price (advertised) is subject to currency fluctuations. I think in strong conditions, all cats will go fast, and it’s more a matter of slowing the boat down to a safe and comfortable speed. This will be great to learn this from you. “Daggerboards are necessary for pointing at good angles on any performance cat,” says Young, who uses asymmetrically shaped boards on his Young 65. The downside, (aside from a disconcerting IKEA feel) is all the angles, obstructions, sharp edges and corners. Outremer has won multiple awards for its innovative designs including best European boat and boat of the year. So while the 5X doesn’t have all the vacation condo bells and whistles of the Lagoon, it does an excellent job of providing comfort, safety and not a small amount of luxury at sea. The same people that designed the catamaran that Team Oracle sailed to win the last America’s Cup, so they know a few things about how catamarans behave at high speed. 8 … Because so much happens before you even untie the dock lines, the first day, in particular, can not only seem like barely more, Despite this year’s myriad cancellations and postponements, the show will go on for the IMOCA 60 class. Standard wiring, circuit breakers and manual switches are simple, reliable, and easy to troubleshoot if there’s a problem. Ahead of the start of the Vendée Globe, a panel of industry experts got together to discuss the trickledown effects of racing technology. It was the cause of several accidents at sea. Very interesting comparison to the Lagoon! These act just like the long skis that downhill racers use, or those long, big-wave surfboards. She really enjoys cruising and entertaining, and loves being at anchor in exotic locations. Having sailed aboard a great deal of fast monohulls—including Volvo Open 70s and 100-foot super-maxis—I was gob-smacked that 20-plus knots could feel so smooth and so civilized, but a quick look at Bruce revealed that we were only now beginning to see Sugar Daddy’s true magic. You can not walk two steps without holding on. You compared the 5X to other brands and especially Catana, what about the outremer 51?

The 5X is an amazing design accomplishment for Outremer. Boats are like cars, in that it’s just as hard to find a really comfortable sports car, as it is to find a high performance RV, and the catamaran market has evolved to a point where almost all the production boats today are focused on the charter market, i.e. We had steps down into the salon from the cockpit of our Catana, and had to duck to enter. For example, if it’s blowing 9 knots, the 5X can sail at 8-1/2 knots. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Congratulations for your new and really nice Outremer! Usually they are only there to run high power consuming equipment that could have probably been left off the boat in the first place (see AC watermakers above, but also air conditioning, dish washers, clothes washers, dive compressors, etc.). Outremer 5X. Meters and self-tacking jib of 74 sq.

Hard to beat . Great to receive your update its been a while and I am always looking out for your blog and videos. They provide unparalleled sailing sensations without sacrificing comfort and well-being.
I would like to arrange a zoom meeting to discuss this boat in more detail and/or arrange a live video tour, Your First Port Of Call For Yachts, Launches & Commercial Vessels, © Copyright 2020 - NZ Boat Sales - All Rights Reserved. Good access, plenty of visibility and shelter, and safe to move around in big seas.

The new 59′ long Outremer 5X catamaran from the drawing board of the world famous naval architects VPLP is unlike any other large performance catamaran on the market. I have many highly experienced friends who sail but my business commitments never allowed me the time . I like the options you have gone for and you are absolutely right in keeping things simple. Also around this time, designer Ian Farrier started making international sailing headlines with his Corsair line of folding-ama trimarans, including the F-22 and the now-iconic F-27 (a 2004 inductee into the Sailboat Hall of Fame). Once I do, we are going to sail around the world, spend as much time sailing –. So we had to go in search of a boat that would meet both our criteria. The Outremer 5X is unlike any other large performance catamaran on the market. Outremer 51: A Sailing Catamaran for Speed and Distance., The other option is to hire a skipper/coach to give you training on your own boat. Newick’s now-iconic designs attracted cruisers who embraced the ethos of simplicity, lightweight design and construction and craved high daily mileage runs.

The Vendée Globe—a nonstop, solo, unassisted, more, The Vendeé Globe kicked off its 2020-2021 edition yesterday and the first 24 hours have led to excitement and disappointment in equal measure. The 5X weighs 13,500 kg – about half the weight and has roughly 1/3 more sail area.
La Grande-Motte, France. First video glimpse of the new Outremer 5X Racing. Asking EUR $1,190,000 . The Lagoon in the picture is an example of the catamarans aimed at the charter market.

The Outremer has a sleeker profile than its predecessor, due mostly to emulating the styling of the 59’ 5X that sits above it in the line. “The main trickle-down we will see from the America’s Cup is in advanced construction materials and technologies, a better understanding of apparent-wind sailing dynamics and hopefully better velocity prediction programs,” says Young. “There’s a lot to be learned about the trade-offs between low-drag hull shapes and volume forward, and about rudder shapes,” says Le Breton. It makes no sense to get an AC powered watermaker. It’s also 87 feet high, which seems crazy, but is actually 3 feet less than the Lagoon 52! It’s cool for tooling around in nice weather, but I would never want to be up there in the middle of the night, with 12 foot seas, 30 knots of wind, rain and breaking waves! It’s a nice boat, but very heavy, so it will not compare to the Outremer in terms of sailing performance. This is more than double the speed of typical production catamarans. For more, click here. “Now it’s the other way around.”. Doug. Historically, little of this has crossed over to the multihull crowd, but the 34th America’s Cup, with its 72-foot wing-sailed catamarans and hydrofoils, may prove to be the exception.

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