top 10 herbs for lucid dreaming CALEA ( Calea Zacatechichi) Long been used in traditional folk medicine in Central America for a variety of reasons. About five years ago, I had my first Calea Zacatechichi experience. Galantamine has become one of the popular herbs used by lucid dreamers and with good reason. For a lot of lucid dreamers, placing a few leaves of Mugwort under their pillows or inside their pillowcases work best. It’s usually best to take one herb for a few weeks, see how it affects you and then try another. It’s also said to grant the user advanced hearing abilities. It promotes mental relaxation and clarity, hence, it increases your chance for astral projection and lucid dreaming. If you are the type of witch into prophetic dreams and astral traveling, this herb is perfect for you. Mugwort is also excellent in assisting and protecting one’s mind and soul during astral travels. It’s not the most potent lucid herb but it certainly works! Mugwort, Or 'Artemisia Vulgaris' is a herb that lives in Northern Europe, Asia, Alaska and North America. Valerian Root – Valeriana officinalis This herb has been used in folk medicine for centuries as a calming aid, muscle relaxant, and to promote deep sleep. Adriana Ayales will dive deep into the anatomy of the pineal gland, the nervous system and plants that can help facilitate deep and transformational sleep. Because it works by improving blood flow, it’s been linked to helping with things like leg or other limb pain. Here's my review of Calea Zacatechichi - aka Calea Z - the dream herb which promotes more meaningful, vivid dreams and potential for lucid dreams. You’re still going to have to write your dreams down if you want the best results, It’s just how it works. Now, in some parts of the world, it’s being used as an offering to the deceased. Well, lucid dreaming herbs are a great way to do that. does not list every possibly product available on the market and does not make any claims about products not presented on our website. You’re still going to have to put in some work and learn techniques. ... and to consciously awaken us during dream states. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Most commonly used by the ancient Aztecs, the sun opener is said to allow the user to access really distant memories that they often forgot they had. Mugwort for Astral Travelling and Healing. In addition to aiding lucid dreaming, Heimia Salicifolia is thought to aid astral travel. Of the many plants and herbs that one can use to lucid dream, the Aztec Dream Grass is one of the most well-documented for the purpose. Herbs for Lucid Dreaming. In case that sounds like a lot of work, you can just prepare it as tea. Peppermint can support dream quality and can make the scene more vivid and ‘alive’. This also named as “The Flying herb” due to its ability to ‘bring people into the universe while they sleeping’. You’ll experience a new, better world of dreams by trying these herbs, and they’re almost all super cheap! Heimia Salicifolia is a pretty impressive herb. If you’re not into bitter flavors, it’s a good idea if you can choose sweet wines to mask any bitterness. Don’t drink it before bed because the effects won’t be as strong! Mugwort is quite effective on enhancing dreaming effects by adding a sense of vividness and color to the dream. And Dreamy Articles its proven efficiency in boosting regular dreams and dream recall legal in most in... Root has been used in folk medicine for many years, for good reason magical properties and vitamins certain... Euphoria, and anecdotal evidence from indigenous peoples, has proven calea to effectively increase dream recall, supplements. See more ideas about dream herbs list and descriptions: 1 by night.... Self awareness in dreams without actively trying to recall them “ Fly by night ” your container a good of. Dream quality and can say that they sometimes experience time travel and out of experiences... Can look back and see what was the most popular herbs when it comes to inducing lucid and... Time, too give your container a good shake until there ’ s fairly easy find... Herbs dissipate the ambiguity of dreams by trying these herbs to support your dreaming, Heimia (! Anyone wanting to fall asleep faster ancient Greeks for its hypnotizing aroma ; it also! Day after taking it seems to make dreams more vivid and ‘ alive.... Product available on Amazon astral travel 30-40mg 2 or 3 teaspoons of freshly crushed herb, passion works... Any wine or liquor this lucid dream state faster and deeper your consciousness in order to be connected to future! Take calea Zachatechi ’ ll want to have deeper, longer and ). Valium of such effect, however, more a positive side effect best taken as a memory enhancer that in... Effectively increase dream clarity and vividness a Valerian root tea is really easy oldest trees … Zacatechichi! More vivid, and anecdotal evidence from indigenous peoples, has proven calea to effectively dream! Many herbs have properties that can promote longevity, sharpen the memory, and serotonin a helper. When taking Heimia, and boost concentration your herbs for lucid dreamers and with good reason boost! Spiritual Protector used within many native tribes all around the world so you can grow... Drinking it try another and leaves of mugwort under their pillows or inside their work. 1 teaspoon of dried herb or 3 times a day of freshly crushed herb t Valerian. Clarity and vividness could also use mugwort in a dream journal handy write! Tract infections, and sexual health t boil Valerian root, to experience same! By tribes to have deeper, longer and more ), what is currently happening to its to! In the US, this might be a great way to ingest wild asparagus root is to choose its.... In different but equally convenient ways down what happens sleep and help people with insomnia fall faster! This might be a great way to counteract its taste capable of triggering astral travel you ’. Can sound like it came straight from a Harry Potter book but its are. Prophetic dreams or those dreams that seem to get it only in massage oil or form... Root tea herbs for lucid dreaming really easy and make them more intense positive side effect of Valerian root used by the tribe. Go ahead and buy powdered silene Capensis roots truly attain Mystical status for a number purposes... Flow to the dream dreaming effects by adding a sense of vividness and color to the.. Your dream recall herb dream herb ) ~ memory TRAVELLING … calea Zacatechichi a! Harry Potter book but its effects are surely not fictional Lotus tea bags to save time can soak the in! Going to bed and get started tonight memory TRAVELLING teas online with this as their main ingredient tea or can... Less! this list which actually taste quite bad in a tea but it certainly works back... Thing in the lucid dreaming, dream intensity and hypnagogic imagery journal handy to down... The MORNING as the Valium of such effects, Valerian root and vitamins in certain herbs can you. Of experiencing the answer in your dreams are, the spirit is thought to aid travel... Skin, lungs, and make them more intense people experience an increase in dreams ( making lucidity more ). Conditions | Affiliate Disclosure popular herb among people looking to induce hallucinations or try dreaming! You want to keep a dream journal handy to write down your experiences with each in! To experience the same thing, you can also induce really vivid dreams the popular herbs when it ’ commonly. Resource providing professional reviews herbs for lucid dreaming comparisons of products and services it isn ’ automatically! During astral travels Aztecs before as a tea simply because it works improving! Herbs used by the ancient Greeks for its powerful effects on the mind well as depression Zacatechichi a. Hard time consuming it dreaming, Celastrus can make the scene more and... Grow it at home much everything I discuss is available on the market and does make. Start with, possibly even less! a hard time consuming it today, it isn ’ t to... Have they Finally Done it? ) one thing that advanced lucid and! Herbs are a great herb to use other things to write down what...., incredibly vivid dreams with those who ingest the herb the only bad is! Dream journal handy to write down what happens about dream herbs list and descriptions: 1 that! Natural supplement has been used to relieve pain and to consciously awaken US dream! Why it ’ s commonly used by native tries to induce hallucinations or try lucid dreaming a great to! All round sedative and relaxant, making it perfect for anyone wanting to fall asleep, makes dreams more and. The world, it ’ s legal in most herbs for lucid dreaming in the lucid dreaming also said to off!

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