Their ‘Robo-Advice’ models offer a low-cost and convenient service, but as identified in this analysis their portfolios have delivered disappointing returns. Wealthify works on a similarly passive model to Nutmeg, in the sense that it wants to diversify the money you put in as much as possible. Wealthify’s fees tend to be lower for investments up to £100,000. Nutmeg has a few more options available, such as the LISA. Wealthify and Vanguard have both launched pensions. VWRL's 5 year annualised performance is 12.52%. Nutmeg has slashed minimum investments and now offers a Junior Isa. 1. It also offers investment advice, which Wealthify doesn’t currently offer. Wealthify don't have 5 year figures, but their best portfolio gained a total of 25.5% over 3 years. Nutmeg has 10 different portfolios ranging from “cautious” to “aggressive”, while Wealthify offers five, from “cautious” to “adventurous”. That’s why Wealthify shows a higher percentage growth but lower growth in pounds than Nutmeg – it was generated from a smaller amount of money. If you’re investing more than … Nutmeg vs Moneybox: Costs Nutmeg’s fees are pretty simple and are based on how much you invest. Wealthify has ditched Wealthify Circles, which used to offer a fee discount when referring friends. In 2011, Nutmeg became the … For its fully managed portfolio, it charges 0.75% on investments up to £100,000 and then 0.35% on investments beyond that. It keeps costs down by mainly focussing on passive investments, such as Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and tracker funds that don’t incur additional fund manager costs. Nutmeg also charges a 0.19% investment fund cost and a … So my Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% investment grew the most, higher than Moola, a chunk more than Wealthify and more than twice as much as Nutmeg. But, like Wealthify, it does so … Nutmeg’s appears the more detailed offering, assessing the user’s concern for volatility as well as an overall rating for risk tolerance. MoneyFarm invests in bonds, equities, commodities and currencies just as a traditional wealth manager would. The UK’s 3 most prominent Robo Investing platforms are Nutmeg, Moneyfarm & Wealthify. If you want to keep it super simple I would look at Nutmeg, Wealthify or Wealthsimple - you can read more about them on our Best Buys pages. VWRL gained 45.9% in the same time period. Wealthify invests in a range of assets including shares, cash, corporate bonds, Government bonds, and commodities. Nutmeg. Nutmeg's highest performing risk "10" portfolio has a 6.5% 5 year annualised performance. Here are screen grabs from the assorted accounts: "Hi, I'm trying to choose an 80/20 low cost tracker fund to transfer my pension to, as I'm currently paying 1% fees to my provider which I want to save on. It’s even more hands-off than Nutmeg , in a way, as while there are experts involved behind the scenes, there is very much an … Here’s how my choices now stack up when investing £1000 in an Isa or general investment account: These two platforms are pretty similar.

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