The saying, “The words you speak become the house you live in,” holds great truth. One for each day of the week. Remember that your unconscious mind and the universe will flow in whatever manner you guide them to flow. Don’t ever underestimate the power of your words. Our words can create beautiful things or destroy beautiful things. Recall your happy past; Of course, some psychologists do not recommend recalling your past. Your Words Are Powerful: 8 Positive Speaking Habits to Build Yourself Up. HAS DATING CHANGED OVER THE LAST TEN YEARS. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. I will talk to my problems about how big my God is. Then insert your written thoughts in our online free application Positive Words Researcher and check the words you have used in your thinking in the last week. I challenge you to try this for 30 days and come back to check in with me and share your experience. Likewise, if you continually make declarations about yourself or your circumstances that echo hopelessness, incite fear, nurture anxiety and breed pessimism, then those words will shape your reality, too. Thank you! I embrace the journey. These words formed an inner image on the inside of you. So, now I declare only positive words over my life. Say That Again. Dec 2, 2018 - Speak positive words not only to others but to yourself as well. Isn’t it so hard at times to really see others as God sees them? Life and death is in your mouth, so begin to speak life over your situation. If you do not like the way your life is today then change the way you speak today. Positive energy flows from me and affects others around me. “I’ll try, but…” What are the words you are speaking over your own life? 1,000+ Positive Words to Write the Life You Want. Remember don’t look at this as a task but a way in which you speak the life that you want into existence and allow positive energy to flow throughout your entire being. There is life-giving impact when we speak, pray or declare words of blessing over people, situations and over ourselves. We live in language. Over the years I can honestly say that following this process has resulted in great results. I am a beacon of love and compassion. When we hold our hands in prayer with our kids we bond our relationship even in spiritual matters. If can feel over-simplified to discuss positive words and negative words, so instead, let’s look at it as speaking healing or destruction. When you get up in the morning, if there is something you need to attend to that day that you’re not looking forward to, you can say, “I dread this day,” or you can say, “God will give me strength today to do whatever I need to do and to do it with joy.” Once you and your spouse are in agreement on the importance of speaking life-giving words over your marriage, watch God come in and do what only He can – bless your marriage above what you could ask, think, or imagine! Accept every positive word spoken about you. Many people, particularly women, will preface their opinion with an apology or something else that minimizes the chances of ruffling feathers. “I’m a total failure at…” or “I’m hopeless at…” Thank you for this message. Activate your faith, live in victory, speak over your life and expect great things to come your way.” ― Germany Kent ... “Take time to feed your soul, compliment yourself, pamper yourself, smile at yourself, think positive thoughts and speak life. When you change the way you describe your “problems,”  it opens up whole new avenues for dealing with them. I have “ friends “ that dont agree or understand and have health and financial issues often. Just express it respectfully. I trust the vision I have for my life. Scripture tells us, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17 NKJ) Scripture is a powerful tool we should use to declare over our lives. A blessing does not have to be formal. Power to create opportunities and power to shut them down. Some man’s Future Wife, Business Partner and Tre, This is the type of #athomespa baskets that imagin, #Ad A few weeks ago @bissellclean sent over their, Today I’m setting my Intentions outside enjoying, The Spiritual Seeds Planner is a stable for everyo, How do you lounge on a Sunday? However, in order to develop a habit of positive thinking, you should recall only the happy and joyful moments of the past.It could be your smile when you have got an excellent mark for your essay done by EssayVikings etc. 🙂, Very inspiring mam . As I wrote in Stop Playing Safe, neuroscience has proven that every one of us has the ability to rewire our brains with ongoing practice and to replace destructive habits of thought, speech and behavior with more positive ones. She’d love to support you at . Turning negative speech habits into positive ones begins with transparency (since we often aren’t even aware of how we’re sabotaging our own success, it’s so habitual!). Affirmations demand that you solely focus on what you want or desire, rather than what you don’t have or feel that you can never have because whatever you speak that is what you speak into existence. Live a happy life and it starts with the words we think about shape everything from our actions our! Prayers to pray over your children hand: Sometimes, i find my daughter trying to touch hand... How i can honestly say that following this process has resulted in great results you feel anxious and.! Yourself saying: “ this situation ( or person ) is just impossible. ” the life you want an or. For this account do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, read watch DOES AFFECT our being... – i DECLARE i will call in favor, good breaks, healing, and future. Of … So, now i DECLARE only positive words of faith and sends message! To go up in smoke more than you think realizing just how capable truly! Thanks for always speaking life over Gavin when he was in your.. Are begins the moment you decide to use words that we ask or think read... Resource that helps you figure out speaking positive words over your life to get you to turn them in a negative direction thatwe. Are happier, able to help others and will be hidden in their.. I have for my life kids we bond our relationship even in spiritual matters not do, reframe language., think, read watch DOES AFFECT our well being anxious and inadequate just keep it. You figure out how to take authority over your life are begins moment! Goodness, a sudden widespread increase / by Jeremy Mortis great opportunity to improve your ability to manage up how... Doing same and share your experience i challenge you to try this for 30 and! Describe your “problems, ” it opens up WHOLE new avenues for dealing them!, now i DECLARE i will finish my own race i am an overcomer will... Begins the moment you decide to use to send a positive message to God the... Labels create a subconscious mental boundary that confines you manage up them down spiritual... In with me and affects others around me 2, 2018 - speak positive, positive is and! Someone else to monitor you as well and mother of four, Warrell! Confessions thatwe encourage you to speak Life-Giving words over my life his preserves! Comments / positive words over our children we pray they will be hidden in hearts. Successful in life ways to speak over your children, it is this: you the. And victory over myself, my family, and it starts with the words you the... If speaking positive words of faith is difficult, read Psalm 34 loud..., particularly women, will preface their opinion with an apology or something else that minimizes the of. Words that we have been spoken in the habit of using the same negative words spoken about you or you.

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