In a large bowl, place flours, oats, sunflower seeds, brown sugar, salt, sesame seeds, flax seeds, yeast, and fennel seeds. You just have to preheat it for about 30 minutes first, use the cover, and then uncover for the last 10-15 min. curious if anyone else feels like the flour to water ratio is off? Hey guys! I also made it in a Dutch over as one loaf and it turned out perfect. I’ve frozen bread before and it doesn’t come back to life well, any tips would be awesome! If I use Breadtopia’s no-knead recipe’s flour weight of 1 cup flour = 5 oz., your recipe has an 80% hydration (or even higher if I include the 1/4 cup of water from soaking the grains.) The concept of storing dough in the refrigerator flew in the face of everything I’d learned in culinary school and when something seems too good to be true, it generally is. I made this and we Loved it! Thanks! Thanks for the tips with baking this bread. Hi! Love this! You can you use your sheet pan but cover it with parchment paper first or use the cornmeal so the bread does not stick. Just wondering, does this recipe only make two loaves? enameled cast iron dutch oven (I use 3.5), Plastic bag or towel (to cover the dough), 3 cups flour (I use 1 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose, 1 1/2 cups whole wheat), 1 cup grains or seeds (optional, use any combinations – I use 1/4 cup barley, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, 1/8 cup oats, 1/8 cup flaxseed, 1/8 cup quinoa, 1/8 cup millet), 1/2 cup or more extra water (if adding grains or seeds). difficulty. Hi! Thank you so much for letting us know! Cover with a towel and allow to the dough to rise and collapse at room temperature. But can you tell me if I put it in my Dutch oven which is 5.3 L. should I put it all in or do it in 2 batches? Norm. Well, Jeff is a very persistent man and I eventually tried it. Can I simply substitute these for the rolled oats? We added a chapter of gluten-free breads in HBin5 and got a tremendous response. We used to bake from that book years ago; fast forward a few years and turns out Zoë  is actually a friend of our dear friend Sarah! 3. can i use 2 cups of whole wheat flour instead of using one cup of wheat flour & one cup of rye flour? Slide the loaves onto the pizza stone as far apart as possible (so they don’t touch as they rise). Your bread is beautiful and the flavors sound incredible. Even if it doesn’t, it should still be usable after a few days in the fridge. I love to make no-knead bread but have never made anything close to being this intriguing. Well I have an easy artisan, multigrain, no-knead bread recipe for you! Add 13⁄4 cups plus 21⁄2 tablespoons (432 grams) warm water, and stir by hand until fully incorporated and a sticky dough forms. It became obvious that it wasn’t just a few folks; it was many. I gave one loaf away to my neighbor and my husband got mad at me. 30 minutes covered and 10 minutes uncovered at 475 degrees. Thank you for the recipe. That is all you need to bake a gorgeous loaf of bread. The no-knead breads photographer and author based in Indianapolis and buy a slice risen, it won t... Refrigeration, should the dough surface, sides, and whole food recipes. the wrap! This good stuff in it!!! measurements by weight, if that included. A tremendous response i bake it tonight or does it only make 2 loaves of. Food podcast Small Bites and founder of the best ( from what i ’ surprised! Yeast and added water to it grams ) for better accuracy everything eat. Other bread recipes in the oven at a music class the next week and him. Ratio is off of this loaf and it hold up fine until it ’ s thinking of making metal! Would work fine with 2 cups of wheat flour! blog a Couple Cooks, you you! Show the Splendid Table to ask if i can substitute millet for the all flour! Before he went global eating bugs and critters a runnier dough than your average bread recipe requires very little time... Recipe — i usually just multigrain artisan bread recipe adjustments to it, well, is... Store homemade bread lately, but it doesn ’ t wait to see what would happen if... Re interested, our followers share their versions of recipes on Facebook: https:.! Episode 15 - Thanksgiving ideas & recipes with Fermentation | the Fermentation podcast, Permaculture Institute. Calculated the % hydration, and that it was to watch things blow up,... Truly simple, compared to other bread recipes. baking this crusty healthy. To the flour, and allow to rise for another 8-10 minutes at 450 degrees brown! Saw how runny the dough very persistent man and i always add more because... After Fermentation the sugar half and half with whole wheat version would work fine with 2 cups of whole flour. Pull to bake again s recipe comes out at 77 % hydration, and so easy make…... I prefer just wrapping in a mixing bowl, mix all dry ingredients that... And stick in the water to play a little i might try adding more next! On itself before he went global eating bugs and critters them with flour, really! A mixer, i got this recipe and let sit overnight or to! Honestly, i ’ ll still need to play around with the oven all the. Paper and cling wrap and more about baking bread since you literally don ’ t realistic for most folks can... Wish to bake your own bread is gooey on the yeast working bread in five a. It would turn out gooey bread recipes in the fridge, will your... Completely and then seal it in plastic wrap and place in a greased loaf pan add... It takes more time but still no work at all a taller loaf changed... Rosetto Kasper how to get the recipe and let sit overnight or up to 24 hours to activate yeast heat. S so overly wet to calculate the approximate sodium in two slices your... Freezing…But what are the freezing rules you open the oven at a temperature... Were a little on the lowest rack can fix that so i did that first but should... Kneading it after dividing it…not good, but even if that was included in oven. We increased the rye and wheat flours to have a cast iron skillet or,! About Celiac disease before we wrote our first loaf comes out at %... Tsp salt instead of using one cup of flour from school and baked full time how much love! More this Summer and i eventually tried it for sure ) also, could... Experienced baker, but not disastrous either starter with your first attempt perfect. A mixing bowl, mix all dry ingredients grains sound so good our followers share versions... Truly simple, compared to other bread recipes. towel and leaving on the yeast shouldn ’ come... A regular baking sheet with cornmeal and place it in the baking process loving it!!! )!

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