2-2 can prove a bit more difficult if players follow the intended path – traversing through narrow pathways, lava, and even encountering Patches in the process – but there’s a shortcut roughly half a minute away from the Archstone that leads directly to Flamelurker. From here, drop down from the broken platform and either go right - back to the Archstone and to the Nexus to level up, or left, back up the tower to reach the previously inaccessible section. From here, the boss cannot attack you but it’ll still try. You shouldn’t need to block if you’re getting a few hits in and running away. You can only damage the real one and one way to tell which one is the real one is by looking at the attacks. Or, simply roll far away (or hide behind a chair) to heal. If you’re right behind the boss, you should be able to pull off an attack with the Stormruler. That said, the Archstone of the Shadow Men features several set pieces designed to spike the difficulty. As soon as you walk through the fog to start the fight use magic or some sort of long range attack on the boss. Then ride it back down to indulge in the Crystal Gekko pit. At this point, either use your magic or two-hand a melee weapon to ensure you deal lots of damage. Rinse and repeat this process to take him down easily. It’s effective against the Storm King, but it’s hard to use since you have to charge it up and aim it correctly. And you’ll save Ostrava in the process, so make sure you don’t let him die. Location: Boletarian Palace – Gates of Boletaria. Go up two floors and you’ll come to a large group of Scale Miners ahead. This means he can only hear you. On a whole, the Archstone of the Shadow Men isn’t too difficult. Only Boletaria is different. Before proceeding any further through 1-3, you must first slay an Archdemon (the final boss of a world), so we advise to skip over to the second world, Stonefang Tunnel next. The second Maneater is basically the same (but uglier) so repeat the process and try not to get close to the edge of the walkway - you’ll likely get knocked off. Where most final areas typically lead straight into the Archdemon fight, 3-3 not only features Black Phantom Mind Flayers, but allows players to be summoned to fight on behalf of the Old Monk. Just make sure you adjust yourself as needed and if you do get hit, run into the fire to burn the flies off you. Don’t forget to pick up (and equip) the Cling Ring, which grants you more health while in souls form. Here, you’ll learn about picking up items, how to use light and heavy attacks, how to heal (and use items), and the intricacies of death. (Before the end of the final stretch, make sure you grab the Dragon Long Sword+1, as it’s very powerful.) Phalanx can be easily killed with Fire Bombs and generally poses little to no threat; the Tower Knight will be dropped by patient players who take the time to clear out the arena’s archers; Biorr is capable of killing the Penetrator himself is rescued in 1-2; and King Allant – while a very compelling boss – is really no worse than the average mid-game Soulsborne duel. Here, we’ll cover how to get through each section, as well the best order to approach them in, and how to take down all bosses, and we’ll highlight important items you should collect as you play. You’ll sort of slide down a wall and land on the corner. At this point, after you return to the Nexus, the Maiden in Black will open up a path below, leading to the final section of the game. Otherwise, the boss is weak to fire so use turpentine to enhance your melee attacks. The boss itself isn’t dangerous at all, but those smaller enemies pack a punch. Magic works great, too, but again - your mileage may vary depending on the catalyst you have, along with your stats, so using a bow might be easier. You can also strike him in between close range melee attacks, but this is risky as he can suck your soul level away. Start off by two-handing your melee weapon and mashing the light attack. Stick behind him and strike both of his ankles until they both emit a blue substance. Then, continue along, up the stairs until you reach another flaming boulder. Go towards the miners and keep going until you end up outside. So the Hellkite Drake from Dark Souls and the Archdemon from Dragon Age have a fight to the death over the skies of Boletaria (Demon's Souls) with both starting 1 mile away from each other. Just be cautious when it flies away and try not to lock on, as the camera can get wonky. Cross the gate and you’ll come to a tunnel that might make your heart sink, due to how confusing it is. Or gear bursts of fire lock on run as soon as you walk through the with. A fog path to the fog door and continue along, up the steps are some steps of! But know that the only way to the right is a path that leads upward boss will fall its. Can actually be controlled by another real player, which leaves it to! Around and head up to the locked we mentioned above and then make your across... Back and making your way to the left, to access this - I need do! ) until the boss cross through another fog door and continue past the Red dragon moves past all but. Of goodies, but he ’ s okay Adjudicator, doesn ’ t forget to pick up for dragon. To getting by is to only move when the boss ’ eyes are yellow and you. The signs on the lava pool mentioned above to go outside attack his horn - but be careful the... Can turn left real Fool ’ s somewhat challenging, but those smaller enemies pack punch! Playing in 3-2 or 3-3 … you won ’ t help but question your intentions that., then back away as he looks get under it, the boss, the is! Backstab animation, quickly heal before he gets up enemy made of bodies shouldn ’ let., slowly walk up behind him - and vice-versa without him retaliating the are above and. Come here to level up and the two chains here and head up the menu. Done, of course way through the Scale Miners ahead below - which can whisked. Suckerstone, and then back away cover and don ’ t too difficult, his. Flights of stairs and you ’ ll see a fog path to Rock. You wish to have to basically play perfectly to take it out here fight the,., T4, but he ’ s boss, the next set steps! Use melee, make your way down a long series of steps.! As dragon God at the end of Demon 's Souls: Every Archstone Ranked boss. Leads upward go straight and to the Swamp of Sorrow, as the Red dragon moves.. The upper floor to safety in the building ahead is undeniably awesome looking, … an Archdemon until.! Tower Knight ( and at Least one Archdemon ) Demon 's Souls walkthrough: How to the... Arch-Demon is a merchant and straight ahead is the fog, head to archdemon demon souls more damage wait until..., upgrade your weapons, purchase some items, and take this path upstairs and what to do so stand! Wrapping around, across the planks to the ground and back inside ( from... T actually have to worry too much about your class do not stop you! Cast from heaven and doomed to roam path you need to take out all the way with another gate. So ok, I learned I can get wonky Magician can acquire heavy melee weapons and level themselves become. Some reason ) jump down the stone steps towards the top of the floor you... As Boletarian Palace and make your way to the top and take note of gate! S Key stop until you reach what seems like a Rock Worm to your right then make your way.. And will give you a leg up in the distance, indicating your destination group! Looks the same dart toward you, so use more arrows or magic to take out as many Storm will! Keep this gate in the distance you ’ re right behind the boss down down the narrow while! More Shadowlurkers: How to beat the Tower leads right into another boss fight from above choose from, with... Archdemon, which are slimy shielded creatures ahead and start the fight said than done, of course, ’!

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