Speaking of Billy, here are some other ways you can use him. Are you ready to see how we turned an empty space into the perfect master closet? I am going to pin it and think about doing this one. She also recommends adding crown molding, bold hardware, and even mirrors to the doors for a look that will always make you happy to put things away. All you’ll need is a couple of IKEA Expedit Shelving Cubes, some silver legs, and a marble topper. I totally forgot to take a picture of the closet with the trim installed before I painted but here is a lovely picture of me after sanding the closet and prepping it for paint. Your post is inspiring! When we added the trim later everything was flush and looked perfect. Overall, I just believe that having a beautiful, cozy and organized home is important to our well-being and happiness. We did find and like the PAX system with the pull out drawer component that is installed on glides mounted to sides of cabinet. Just because they might be short on space does not mean small closets can’t offer clever storage solutions, and with IKEA serving up some ever-pleasant price points, making the most of your tiny closet doesn’t have to break your bank.In fact, these tiny closet IKEA hacks … Your question makes me laugh because I had complete intentions of spraying my closet for a nice smooth finish and then I failed miserably at it. While custom closet companies estimate the lowest price for a job like this to be around $2000, you can make your own closet in a spare room. If it’s a kid’s space, why not add colorful knobs and bold printed wallpaper that fits the room theme? We are at the sane place Geary is at. As I’ve said before, one of the greatest things about my condo is the ample storage r…, Take a couple of book shelves, and add some rods in between the two of them for an instant closet. Dombas wardrobe is a large piece with three doors and three simple handles. Designing the perfect nursery is a difficult task, and there’s possibly no space more integral to keeping that room clean than the nursery’s closet. The most popular hack here is re-painting – just find a color that fits your space and style. You are very generous and your closet turned out beautifully. Looks like it’s 42 a 5/8” without the bottom legs. Creating a home that glorifies Him while sharing our family life along the way. The IKEA Billy Bookcase doubles beautifully as a child-sized closer. Our closet is about the same size as yours, I have built the base, assembled and installed the three dressers, and next, to plan the walls/boxes. You can hack and rebuild any of them, and use not only shelving units or wardrobes but also sideboards and wall units to save some space. Aneboda is a classic tall wardrobe with sheer doors on legs, and there are lots of hacks to try – changing the... Dombas.

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