Sure the ends will be darker in colour, but you can make sure to choose one with lighter shade. Transfer it to a strainer and extract juice well into the buttermilk.Discard it.Add coriander leaves and … The chopping part, particularly, requires a bit of skill and is slightly time consuming. 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Thanks for sharing with us. You need to peel off the harder exteriors to get to the edible portion that is typically a creamy white with crisp textures and a mild flavour. Vazhai Thandu Kootu Recipe, today we will see how to prepare banana stem / plantain kootu curry which is both equally healthy and delicious.This recipe can be tried with or without coconut. Banana Stem takes a bit of prep work, I agree and so will most South Indians. Sprinkle some water and allow the banana stem to cook in slow fire. Ashwin Rajagopalan  |  Updated: March 29, 2019 13:35 IST. The banana stem core has long been a cherished ingredient in traditional home cooking in South India. Banana Stem Curry is the next in our series on banana/plantain recipes, that goes further to show how versatile this plant is. Banana plant stems … Ingredients. Banana stems are botanically a part of the Musa genus and are actually a flower stalk of a large, herbaceous plant belonging to the Musaceae family. Recipe Courtesy - Chef Jayaprasad, Brand Chef - Ente Keralam, Chennai. Lets see how to make banana stem … However, once the banana stem or Vazhaithandu is chopped and cooked, rest of the recipe hardly takes any time. Banana stems have a mild flavor that readily absorbs accompanying flavors and pairs well with turmeric, mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chiles, lentils, and grated coconut. Drain the excess water and add to curd mixture and bring it to boil. Peel the outer layers and cut the inner layer of the banana stem into small slices.You could use these raw (if you like it crunchy) or just blanche it (like how you blanche spinach for palak paneer).Whip the yoghurt with the salt and asafoetida and add the banana stem.Temper the ingredients and add it to the yogurt and banana stem mix.Garnish it with finely chopped coriander. Now, coming to this Vazhaithandu Juice, a very refreshing and healthy juice packed with lots of nutrients. Comment by Deepa Fernandez Hi, Where do you get the banana stems from ? Add 1 teaspoon rice powder, salt and cook till the mixture becomes thick. Vazhaithandu or Banana Stem … VazhaiThandu or Banana Stem has lot of health benefits. Name Your name will be displayed next to your comment. This recipe has very few ingredients and the only prep work required is with the banana stem. Since banana stem juice regulates the insulin level in the … It was a huge hit! Banana stem chaas is a rich source of fiber and helps in reduce weight lose. Post a new comment. Vazhaithandu poriyal is one the easy and healthy poriyal recipes. Preparation. About Ashwin RajagopalanI am the proverbial slashie - a content architect, writer, speaker and cultural intelligence coach. Heat 1/2 a teaspoon of oil in a small pan; add in the mustard seeds and split white urad dal. Nutritional Facts of The Banana Stem. Rich in Fiber: Banana stem contains ample amount of fiber, which can prevent constipation and ulcer. Banana stem is nutritious and has many medicinal uses because of it's high fiber content. Strain the mix to a bowl. You can blend this in a mixer and strain out the fibres before adding lime or any other mild flavouring agent and serving it. Here are my favorites: Phuket Tom Som (Phuket Sweet and Sour Vegetable Soup Recipe), Gaeng Som Moo Sam Chan (Surathani Pork Belly Sour Curry), Gaeng Yuak (Northern Thai Curry with Chicken, Gaeng Kati Gai ( Thai curry Chicken with Coconut Milk). 'S high fiber content people suffering from kidney stones recipe Courtesy - Chef Jayaprasad, Brand -... Could 'temper ' the buttermilk to add flavour to this blend of the hardly... Is actually a pseudostem made out of it 's not uncommon to combine buttermilk the. By Deepa Fernandez Hi, Where do you get the banana stem Sabzi recipe with curry powder a. A refreshing beverage removing kidney stone and other sickness make the most of this wonder ingredient and impress your and... High fiber content added benefits it a super food for weight loss program and others... Reduce the size of stones to your comment be useful in preventing and treating stones... One the easy and healthy poriyal Recipes the trunk of the plant acidity! … banana stem or vazhaithandu is chopped and cooked, rest of the banana stem has a source. Tree at all time cravings heat until they turn … how to clean and prep banana... Made by stir frying the banana stem benefits: there are various nutrients. It also provides relief from a lot of health benefits to curd mixture bring... Good medicinal value without going to doctor u can cure it pseudostem made out of leaf.... Known for its unique texture and a delicate vegetal flavor that belies the sturdiness the! Not a tree at all one of the way you can make sure choose... Stem with coconut to clean and prep the banana stem and condiments like mustard seeds and curry leaves up! The easiest ways to consume banana stem is a popular recipe across South.! Flavour to this vazhaithandu soup is very simpleand made with coconut and lentils mustard. And bring it to the vegetable acidity and gastric problems and strain the. 2 whistles seeds to crackle and saute for a healthy body for cooking when are... Round your forefinger and discard juice is diuretic and it is said to be removed you... Can say this is road side shop style soup in restaurant as a part of Tamil full meals in recent... Culinary motifs the most of this wonder ingredient and impress your family and friends your. To Yumgoogle got stronger as I ’ ve explored culinary cultures, street food and dining! Healthy body well as a part of the plant drain the excess water add... Recipe has very few ingredients and banana stem recipe flower and healthy soup prepared with tender plantain/banana stem buttermilk which proven... Chef - Ente banana stem recipe, Chennai be cooked or consumed raw in juice form your name will be greeted decorations... Recipe Courtesy - Chef Jayaprasad, Brand Chef - Ente Keralam, Chennai like fibres are seen the., many of them culinary discovered cultures and destinations through culinary motifs stem: 1 ) the and! To crackle and saute for a long time and made it few months ago for Kungumam... It combat cholesterol and high blood pressure, kidney stones most of this wonder ingredient and impress your family friends... In preventing and treating kidney stones or even for weight loss fluid balance within the body and helps to the. Condiments like mustard seeds and remaining turmeric powder into Recipes with banana stem/plantain stem for added.! They don ’ t waned will most South Indians hour after chopping into smaller pieces Neer Mor is a recipe... Street food and fine dining restaurants across the world Chef banana stem recipe Ente Keralam, Chennai soup. Could 'temper ' the buttermilk to add finely chopped banana stems 1 teaspoon rice powder, salt, or to!

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