I’m in awe…I never knew tomatoes grew that big!! One thing is that many of the indeterminate heirloom tomato plants do get BIG. If you want to start growing vegetables early despite the cold weather, try this inexpensive yet brilliant tomato cage hothouse hack, it’ll increase the growing temperature for your plants. Get your tomato cage cut and weave it the way shown here. The 2x2s are a little easier since you just need to cut them in half (4ft each).

Upcycle a tomato cage into an eerie Halloween witch like this. It was really fun to see.

We're learning to adapt and overcome in the face of adversity – learning how to problem solve, work within in our budget, and keep within our means. I cut off 6 foot lengths and zip-tied the edges together to make cylinders (roughly 2 feet in diameter).

so what’s to eat?”.

Too bad I live in an apartment complex… One day, one day! This only takes a few seconds and.

As the tomato plant grows, take time to prune off suckers and bind the main stem to the bamboo stake with small pieces of twine.

Good question, Wendy. Hi Claire! I enjoyed reading this page because of your humor and your barefooted children lol.

Oh–Emmett, Emmett, Emmett, come see Amma now–I can’t wait to hold you!

4. I agree that they hold the plants us very nicely, and they allow for good air flow (which is so important for tomato health!).

No, not really. I guess it was around 40 yrs ago when I built the ones I have now, which are in BAD shape.

I have tomato cages similar to your but I have trouble storing them in the off season. Now it’s your turn, my Gentle Reader, to make a few cages to keep your tomato vines happy!

Here's to a year of great tomato harvests – from my garden to yours!

They take up a lot of room.

Cut the top wires of the tomato cage and you’ll have an instant pot stand!

I water often. Part Two: I grow such an absurd admirable number of tomato vines, that we’ve had to devise a way to stake the cages together so they will stay put all season, no matter how heavy and burdened with tomatoes they get.

I am about to make my own tomato cages (about 24 inches in diameter) can I plant more than 1 plant per cage?

We have a community garden and we can’t put up anything too industrial-strength. I made a couple of structural changes.

I also used the cement wire for hoops to go over plants in cold weather. And that’s about it! Before we dig in (see what I did there?)

A few things learned… only plant un-appetizing (tomatoes & cucumbers) in the outer circle of cages. You may also want to take a soil test, if you’ve not done that in awhile. I wish we had home grown vegetables, but in England, you really need a greenhouse to grow tomatoes! My recipe for growing great big healthy plants: I work chicken manure into the soil twice during the year–once in the fall, once in the early spring. Was hoping to send you a photo of a tomato I took when in Provence with my son’s family . Of course I turned to my Dad, first–the proverbial font of any knowledge that is worth knowing, and an avid gardener, himself–and he helped me make my first batch of real tomato cages.

Just a little safety tip!

Thanks for the reply. Thanks for your nice comment. In my case, I have them in a big rectangle surrounding, or fencing in, my garden.

My tomatoes, lost and damaged amidst the wreckage. And occasionally pointing out that it’s probably time for a break, already. I stood back. The thing is, if we have a sudden cold snap (and sometimes, we do) the unheated greenhouse WILL get cold, too. will send this beauty by email for you.


I’m so BLESSED. er . .

And the songbirds like to take refuge in them, which I enjoy. Mine are standing up just like yours. The wood cages are so much prettier than the wire ones too .

Tomato plant envy?

I do enjoy writing an entertaining how-to post very much! I know how tempting it is to plant them closely, but take it from one who has done the same thing and then lived to regret it mightly: don’t do it. Maybe we can come park by your garden sometime on one of our trips. As the wind at our place can get overpowering at times, we’ve learned to take the staking up of these vines quite seriously. We don’t, after all, have time for a trip to the ER today, right? Here’s what we do: (all credit goes to my son Timothy for figuring out this design): we drive a stout t-post at the end of the row or bed.

Great that you posted this again. . I get pretty excited about growing heirloom tomatoes, and it’s hard for me to stop at just . Secure the 1x2x18"s to the poles as you see below.

It’s something. Thanks Sonia!

Create a stunning tomato cage topiary for year-round display in your porch or balcony or probably in a living room as well.

Then I had the third and warp that in. old and pounding in the tall posts may not be feasible. Would be thrilled if I could get plants that big with good size tomatoes.

It is important to follow instructions for water and fertilizer for all of the plants in your garden. what should I make to keep my tomato vines staked up? What an amazing idea, I love the thought of a jungle of tomato plants, please send Timothy to London on the next plane, I need his expertise ! “Blue Berry” tomato, from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: You don’t want these gorgeous babies down in the dirt, do you? 11 Sanity-Saving Tips for February & a seed giveaway tease! So this year, I figured I'd cut my losses and try and build some myself. What a lovely read!

That’s it!! .

Olivia, a birdbath near my stack of tomato cages would be a brilliant placement!

(Good question!) Then my dad comes on a nice day and rototills it into the soil.

well, he doesn’t need a chaperone, but I could help with the driving! Here’s our first double row of tomato cages, supported by t-posts and PVC pipes. I am tired of the weak cages that fall over at the slightest storm. I was hoping I can do more than one per cage. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My husband and I have been working on our plan to live and travel full time in our RV, so tomato plants seem a bit out of reach. I do this a few times a week.

Word to the wise! This is normal, especially if the wire is stored outside. Word to the wise. Good luck and thank you for the kind words. I with I could add a garden box over by my  She Shed, but it just doesn't get enough sunlight over there.

The detailed version is available at Bonnie Plants. Visit BHG for the tutorial.

(I still got lots of tomatoes.)

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Also, I used less bulky wood to give the tomatoes more room. But they are safely tucked into cold frames. Neither will the tomato plants that are designed for patio growing in pots, of course.

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