Now check your email to confirm your subscription. 1/2 cup of honey (tip: wipe a bit of veg. So, being DIY Natural, we need to learn to make a homemade ketchup recipe. In an effort to reduce the refined sugars in our diet, I searched online and elsewhere for ketchup using natural sweeteners. Anything you like hot sauce on, would taste wonderful with this. We work through the free Ultimate Money Saving Workbook, one idea at a time, finding substitutions that we like as much or better than what we used to buy.

You can find sriracha in the hot sauce aisle of your local grocery store, if it’s not there, check in the Asian condiments section (if your grocery store is fancy enough to have an Asian condiments sections). I started with a Heinz clone recipe and adjusted it until I finally had something with a good balanced flavor that tasted like real ketchup. So, I decided to make homemade ketchup with real ingredients like garlic and onions instead of their powders and honey instead of white sugar or corn syrup. If you click & make a purchase, I receive a small commission that helps keep the Busy Budgeter up and running.

The result is a winning recipe that is thick and smooth in texture and powerfully flavourful that even my son thinks tastes better than the store-bought kind. Hello Fresh vs. Freshly (And Other Options). Store in a jar with a good seal on it for up to 2 months in the fridge (if it lasts that long in your house!). 1 (720 mL) jar of tomato passata; 1/2 of a medium onion, diced; 3 cloves of garlic, minced; 1/2 cup of honey (tip: wipe a bit of veg. . “My husband Doesn't Help Around The House.” - An Easy Solution. Filed Under: DIY Better, Frugal Foodie, Get Organized, Meal Plan Tagged With: Get Organized, Meal Plan. Why Homemade Ketchup? While saving $1.54 by making your own sriracha ketchup may not sound like a lot; we completely transformed our budget by making substitutions one at a time, just like this. Unfortunately, at the price it sells for, it may as well be liquid gold. In a medium saucepan, combine all of the ingredients, except the tomato paste and stir. Contact Remove from heat, and using an immersion blender, blend the mixture until smooth and stir in the tomato paste. Choose whichever you prefer. I starting adding up a year’s worth of ketchup consumption in our house and realized there’s no way we should be eating that much added white sugar, corn syrup and salt in a condiment alone. It tastes a million times better than anything you could get in a Chinese restaurant. Just add the ingredients to a blender and you’ll have a smooth, flavorful ketchup in just 5 minutes!

It’s thicker than traditional hot sauce and has a flavor all of its own. French fries, chicken, grilled cheese, eggs, sausages, burgers and leftover roast beef sandwiches – we pretty much put ketchup on most savoury foods in general.

Just kidding!
The results were a disappointment. 2 Comments . Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer 15-20 minutes (you'll need to partially cover because … I like to have a little grilled chicken to compliment my sriracha, but you can use it on seafood, chicken, burgers, fries, soups, eggs, you name it. Required fields are marked *. Learn how your comment data is processed. This Homemade Ketchup recipe couldn’t be easier to make. One think I love to do is mix my ketchup with a little brown sugar, though I have more of a sweet tooth than a spicy tooth. What good is a healthy recipe that your kids won't eat? Add a little more honey, or a little more sriracha. We determine the unit price because they sell each ketchup in a different bottle size. Awesome recipe I love siriachi!! But, the amount of sugar and salt in store bought ketchup is pretty alarming. oil with a paper towel on the inside of your measuring cup before measuring honey and it will slide right off)
I’m going to have to go fire my editor. Seventeen years after the dining hall muffin debacle, ketchup is still one of the most popular condiments in my house. I hate to be not picky but I just wanted to point out that your ketchup probably sells for 6.6 cents per ounce or 0.066 dollars. I only discovered it about 3 months ago and am working on my second giant bottle. *Note: Balsamic vinegar will give you a bolder, richer taste in your homemade ketchup where as red wine vinegar will give you a lighter, more traditional ketchup taste. If you love the kick of hot sauce, this Sriracha Ketchup will change the way you eat fries forever. It means that it sells for 6 cents per ounce, or about $1.20 for a 20oz bottle of ketchup.

Get step by step budget help with the FREE 90 day budget bootcamp! This is MAJOR. In our Wegmans’ the sriracha ketchup sells for 17.7 cents per ounce and regular Heinz ketchup sells for 6.6 cents an ounce. How to Make Quick Homemade Ketchup. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until combined. If you love hot sauce, this would be something for you to try. Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. Homemade Ketchup (honey-sweetened) Adapted from Jo Lusted’s Dish Do-Over Cookbook. We liked it so much that we made a $70/week meal plan for breakfasts, lunch and dinner around stir-fries so that we could justify buying a wok. FTC Disclosure of Material Connection: In order for us to maintain this website, some of the links in the post above may be affiliate links.

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