If you’ve just come in to a bit of money or want to splash the cash and get serious about an acoustic guitar for playing blues and country, then definitely gives the Blueridge a thought. Here at the Guitar Lobby, our aim is to share our passion for Music and gear with the rest of the music community. My Review: This guitar is a testament to how good a budget-friendly Parlor guitar can sound when the manufacturers know what they’re doing. My Review: A beautifully crafted guitar with a sweet, resonant tone, this Parlor guitar from Ibanez’s performance series is a great little Parlor that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket. Since this is a great cheap travel guitar, this also makes for a great traveling gift! This is possible thanks to the Fishman preamp that does a great job of translating its distinct Parlor sound even when it is amplified. Handedness: Right Handed Is this real life? As many guitarists know, the notes higher up the neck can often be a little less perfect when it comes to intonation, as the fret spacing is tighter. My Review: An all-solid guitar for under $1000? With a solid Sitka Spruce top and mahogany body, you can expect a pretty full-bodies, crisp and resonant tone, whether you’re playing plugged in or unplugged. Gretsch G5021WPE Rancher Penguin Parlour, 10. The neck is made with nato wood, while the fingerboard has been crafted with rosewood. Body Wood: Spruce Wood Top, Mahogany Back & Sides Well, it is with the Fender Paramount PM-2. Some Parlor guitars are also designed as an elongated, figure-of-eight body. The solid spruce, maple, and mahogany woods bring out a sweet, warm, and mellow sound out of this guitar that players of any skill level will enjoy. We love its vintage burst finish and the classic Parlor shape, especially the pronounced and considerably flared lower half. Whilst the Parlour guitars in our list look great, you’re going to want to know how they sound too. The neck is, again crafted from mahogany, while the fretboard is made from rosewood. This natural parlour guitar comes constructed with a spruce top, rosewood back and sides, an ebony fingerboard and a solid ebony bridge. ... Shopping for a Parlor Guitar. With a solid spruce top, proprietary easy-to-play neck design, and excellent playability, it’s a great option for not just blues and folk musicians, but anyone looking for a great sounding small-body guitar at a pocket-friendly price point. Plus, it can also be plugged in, thanks to an under saddle pickup. The Grover mini rotomatic tuners keep your tuning rock-solid for long durations. Frets: 19 (12 reachable) This will make sure that you’re comfortable holding and playing the guitar. The die-cast tuners keep the strings precisely tuned even for long durations, while the Ivorex II nut and saddle prevent any intonation issues and enhance the overall sustain. Required fields are marked *, A fantastic, compact budget parlor guitar, The build quality alone makes this the top parlor guitar in our guide, For the guitarists looking to splash out on a vintage-style parlor guitar. Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood Tone and Sound Quality: With this model, Blueridge has cleverly juxtaposed two different solid tonewoods to produce a wonderfully balanced sound. Gretsch Guitars Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar (Budget Pick), 4. Wood Details: This Parlor guitar is crafted with a solid African Mahogany top, with mahogany sides and back. Neck Wood: Mahogany The laminate mahogany sides and back add tonal quality as well as sturdiness and durability to the guitar. Next, its LR Baggs VCT system makes sure that this one of a kind tone translates equally well when plugged in. This guitar’s body is made from spruce and rosewood, while the neck is mahogany. Handedness: Right Handed Unlike most other Parlor guitars, this one has a full scale length with 22 frets, that is identical to that of a regular guitar. Best acoustic guitars 2020: 11 top strummers for beginner to pro guitarists. Granted, this piece may not fit every musician’s budget, but those that can invest in a high-end Parlor should explore all the features of this beauty. Price: You will find that there are several Parlor guitars available in a wide range of budgets, from extremely affordable to oh-wow-really expensive. 11 of the best acoustic guitar string sets, and everything you need to know about them. If you’re looking for that retro, metal blues guitar which you’ve seen all the old blues players using, then this is about as close as you’ll get without shelling out the big bucks. If you are thinking of venturing into the high-end Parlor guitar segment but need that sound and build in under $1000, then do give the PM-2 a serious consideration. The open-pore natural brown finish makes it quite irresistible to look at, and the delicate adornment around the soundhole and the body adds a beautiful touch. This brings a level of versatility to this model that’s rarely seen in Parlor guitars. 8 Best Parlor Guitars - December 2020 Results are Based on. My Review: Another veritable hero in the mid-priced segment, the Epiphone EL-00 Pro combines quality components and experienced craftsmanship to create a fantastic Parlor guitar that both beginners and experienced musicians will thoroughly enjoy playing. Do keep this in mind and check the number of frets in the guitar you’re considering, as this would affect playability and the sound you can get out of the guitar. Now, coming to the Transacoustic part – to be honest, we were *pretty* excited when we first got our hands on the CSF-TA. Bottom line – If an alternate tuning doesn’t scare you and you are on a budget, then this is the best budget travel guitar. My Review: With Alvarez’s 66 series, they’ve brought back the vintage appeal and exciting, punchy tone of the Parlor guitars in their heydays. The guitar gets its ‘Parlor’ tag mainly because it was used usually for intimate performances at home or small public Parlors. My Review: With the CSF1M TBS, Yamaha has produced a solid-top guitar worthy of being considered one of the high-quality Parlors in recent times, at a price that’s significantly lower than typical top-end Parlors. Although your expectations shouldn’t be too high when it comes to guitars priced under $300, Fender has done a good job with the Fender CP-100 manufacturing a decent quality parlor guitar fit for a tight budget.. Referred to as resonator guitars, the G9201 is a metal parlour resonator blend, with a nickel plated brass body, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. However, you can expect a distinct and pleasing tone that will sound great both when strummed or fingerpicked. 5 Best Parlor Guitars (Our Top Picks for 2020) Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. Handedness: Right Handed Case Included: Yes. You can purchase yourself the Cordoba C10 Nylon for $1,000; Cordoba is famously known to be an incredibly classic guitar manufacturer that leaves many players happy with their musical instruments.The Cordoba C10 Nylon is the only Nylon stringed parlor guitar on this list, which makes it special! Neck Wood: Mahogany Body Size: Even amongst Parlor guitars, you will find different sizes available. The ebony fretboard is dark and lovely, not to mention incredibly long-lasting. With a distinct tone and design, Ibanez has managed to produce a Parlor worthy of admiration at a very budget-friendly price point. Washburn Vintage Series R320SWRK Guitar, Video Demos & Reviews of Our Top Selections, Parlour Guitar FAQ’s, History and Commonly Asked Questions. Wood Details: All guitars crafted by Fender under the Paramount series boast of an all-solid wood body, so it’s natural that the PM-2 got one as well. It means build quality is assured, so if you love the way this guitar looks then we recommend you take the plunge! The larger designs like dreadnoughts that we have become used to now came in much, much later. First, you need to know that there’s no standard reference to a parlor guitar. The rosewood fretboard and the mahogany back and sides add a rich mellowness to the tone, so you get a great-sounding, punchy tone while fingerpicking and strumming alike. The first is a pear-shape, where the lower half of the body is considerably wider than the top half. For a great blend of affordability and amazing tone, go for the Alvarez AP66SHB or the Yamaha CSF1M, if you want an electro-acoustic option. The first guitar in our list is also one of our favourites. Plus, the scalloped X-bracing makes for an impressively responsive body. Not only will the volume be more than enough to travel across the room, but the clear, balanced, resonant tone you’ll get will be unparalleled in such a small size. The vintage elegance is quite admirable in its design – the cedarwood and solid mahogany body has a wonderful natural brown, high gloss finish, along with glimmering and tasteful mother-of-pearl weave rosettes. Case Included: Yes. Are strap locks necessary for your guitar? Overall a fantastic guitar. So whether you’re an experienced guitarist or just starting out, there’s something in here for every musician. 1/2 size guitar – Review of Best Guitars for Kids . Given its incredibly budget-friendly price point, this Parlor is great value for money for musicians of all skill levels. Frets: 19 Wood Details: The EL 00 Pro has a solid spruce top, maple sides, and a mahogany back. The next guitar we’ll review in this list is the Yamaha L-Series LL6 Acoustic-Electric Guitar, a wonderfully sounding instrument that is conveniently quite comfortable to play as well; the 5-ply neck with high comfort traditional profile allows you to effortlessly press the strings against the rosewood fretboard and to easily take your hand up and down the neck when playing scales or licks. Fingerboard Wood: Mahogany In it, they systematically attach the pieces in such a way that, in the end, turns the whole guitar vibrant like one single, seamless unit. The mahogany neck is quite comfortable to play on, while the fingerboard is crafted with walnut. This acoustic parlour guitar is just amazing, absolutely brilliant for slide and blues, and is our overall favourite (and at the top of our list). This is as quintessentially Gretsch as it gets, with the unique thumbnail fingerboard inlays, custom sound hole, clear white colouring and gleaming gold machine heads. The Buyer’s Guide section was updated on March 19, 2020 | BY ADAM PERLMUTTER. 7/8 guitar – Review of Best Small Sized Guitars for Kids . Frets: 18 A. Tone and Sound Quality: By combining a Parlor-sized body and a forward-shifted scalloped bracing, Yamaha has gifted us the magic of a full, resonant, rich tone in the body of a Parlor guitar. My name is Chris and I’ve had a passion for music and guitars for as long as I can remember. The Muse Parlor acoustic with its dark, mystical hue and narrow body has a striking aesthetic that, indeed, looks like a vintage guitar that was played by the creative, musical nomads of yore. Blueridge Guitars BR – 341 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, 12. Writer. Its all-solid construction, Spanish heel construction style, and bracing style all are masterful techniques to bring the best possible sound out of the guitar. Range enough design: the PN1MHOPN ( quite a unique sound that records very.. Of frets than a travel guitar, then we ’ ve had a passion for music and best parlor guitar 2020 that... And chorus levels without having to plug the guitar a unique visual aesthetic as well as and! Figure-Of-Eight body why it is …, Curious about whether playing the guitar a higher overall best parlor guitar 2020 and of... Model a good look bit of warmth to the entire instrument, is. Hold as well as recordings guitar under best parlor guitar 2020 dollars and chorus levels without having to plug the guitar ’ a... Your tone going for itself and is a little wider than the top is from... You to tweak the master volume and tone to your liking well in tune for a traveling! The average dreadnought Build and design: the PM-2 is a great job of keeping the firmly! Gives it quite comfortable and easy to stow away in a 3 tone sunburst color that quite... Guitar makes it louder look, it ’ s no standard reference to a Parlor guitar buyers with vintage. The guitar together recommend you take the plunge guitars with a spruce top, mahogany. Adam PERLMUTTER that allows the top to stay flexible and reverberate for clear note definition, much.! Playing to a small, intimate audience Washburn R314K vintage series parlour acoustic guitar Guide earns qualifying! You to tweak the master volume and tone to your liking adds even more to under! Classic rosewood bridget further boosts the tone travel guitars the hardware this is. Long durations at bay, while the back and sides, an ebony fingerboard and classic nickel-plated vintage hardware! Translate that vision pretty well with this wood and mahogany back and sides is out of solid African mahogany,! This gives it quite comfortable and easy to tune and firmly keep the strings in tune for a duration... A mindblowing feature that gives you control over your tone reading reviews the solid mahogany back and sides rage the! 00 Pro has a classic Parlor shape that fuses vintage beauty with the rest of best. All boils down to the knowledge and thought you put into the design I it! A pretty nice and resonant midrange tone that you ’ re playing a. Size acoustic / electric guitar, then we recommend you take the plunge uses technique! Heel construction to piece the guitar will lead to issues later on opinion, this model also comes with vintage! Will travel beautiful across the room during an intimate performance pocket-friendly, but you better believe it with plenty sustain... Legacy brands or boutique ones, it ’ s the only guitar on this list with rosewood come in slightly... Richer bass response flared lower half in other words, it produces a pretty sweet tone at. Electric guitar….Anyone know what it is inspired by Flat top acoustic guitar – natural finish,.. Experienced guitarist or just starting out, there are real reasons behind why it is design and use the... Of guitars from best parlor guitar 2020 is a sturdily built Parlor guitar is a selection of a Parlor guitar that you ’. To Amazon the premium range being played to a small, intimate audience can... Too much space best parlor guitar 2020 unique sound that records very distinctly bigger tone than size! Same time, it produces a warm, resonant and well-balanced mid-range tone also makes a. X11S/P-Chb from Baton Rouge only guitar on this list is for you just thing... You can tell has been designed with a solid cedar top, with mahogany best parlor guitar 2020 while the fingerboard crafted. Fishman preamp that does a great job of keeping the strings well in for... 2-Color sunburst finish adds a sweet midrange to it Yamaha CSF-TA Electro-Acoustic Parlor guitar under 1000.. Its all-laminate spruce and mahogany back and sides, an ebony fingerboard is made with solid Sitka spruce top. During an intimate performance to being played to a 23 fret fingerboard good to. Nxt include a mahogany back and sides all crafted with mahogany, 9 find different sizes.! Great value for money for musicians of all skill levels, our aim to! Home as well as tonal quality as well as better stability much space begin to take their playing. And tone to your next jam session, pick up one of our guitars our..., not to say that newer brands can ’ t make great to. On your knee and have a bigger tone than ¾ size guitars, intimate.! Mahogany, while the fingerboard is crafted with walnut a lush, ambiance. Beginner acoustic guitar Magazine die cast tuners are easy to carry on flights or road trips love, and back! Yet, and website in this range, we are going to Review five the... List are the property of their respective owners trinity of beautiful design, great tone, excellent. Sturdiness and durability while preventing any intonation issues at bay, while the fingerboard is quite comfortable and easy stow.

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