To best enjoy dragon fruit’s taste, choose a dragon fruit that has even-colored skin; if its leaves are very dry or brown or its skin is filled with blotches of color, then it is overripe.The dragon fruit should feel firm, but not too firm, and not too soft, either. The seeds have a nutty flavor. Red Pitaya, commonly referred to as Dragon fruit, fits in to the family Cactaceae and from the Cactoidea subfamily which belongs to the tribe Cactea. A dragon fruit not only looks appealing, but it is also delicious. Dragon fruit has a unique appearance with its bright pink color and spiky tips. Dragon Fruit Nutrition. Ripe dragon fruit usually has shiny reddish-purple skin with no brown or other discolored spots on it. A dragon fruit is a type of cactus fruit native to tropical regions of the world. The Dragon fruit plant is superb to look at with beautiful with fragrant scent and a stunning fruit that displays vivirant shape and colors. A ripe dragon fruit has a mild, sweet flavor. Choosing Dragon Fruit. It has a creamy texture with tiny seeds, and it tastes similar to kiwi and pear. Dragon fruit plant is both attractive and full of flavor. But, many people don’t know how to tell if dragon fruit is ripe or not. Dragon fruit is juicy with a slightly sweet taste that some describe as a cross between a kiwi, a pear, and a watermelon. The leaf-like scales that cover the fruit should be bright green, and the stem section of the fruit should not be brown. When choosing a good fruit, a person should also squeeze the fruit a bit.

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