They have all washed out in 2 washes to the orange yellow. Just wondering cani use grey dye on orange hair from high lightening. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Now that you're showcasing a dazzling lemon yellow, you will need to tone this color out with a blonde dye. I had my hair bleached with foils. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. However my hair has decided it loves the pink more than I and will not let go of the slowly fading pink hue. still orange after ash dye on March 30, 2017: hi, my hair was on a level 8. Thanks to let me know. This is in essence a very similar situation to the original problem of orange hair and happens because the cooler tones in dye fade more readily and reveal the warm base tone again. Did argh! How can i fix this with least damage and going back to ash sand blonde? I should have done that first. Ooof. If your hair is orange, it either didn't lighten enough or you removed the bleach before it reached yellow. I am wondering if by then the color might have faded enough from the rest that I could do an all over gloss with the 5 and maybe it would all blend. Horrible! Any suggestions? I did not want to use those anymore. It is gentler than a permanent color, and washes off after 24 – 28 shampoos. Thanks Anne, My hair is naturally dirty blonde with silver. Mix and apply more bleach, and this time let it remain in your hair until it reaches the yellow stage. You've come this far, and you're only a level or two away from reaching the blonde you desired. I don't mind it as much as the baby hair I have that is now a shiny bright orange. I was so stressed out yall. So I started off with the color oops by removing any black I had from when I had color boxed it 9 months ago. After about 4 years of boxed black dye on naturally ash blonde hair and 6 months of letting the roots grow out i decide to jump into bleaching.. an hour later and i now have yellow roots with bright orange hair! I enjoy sharing knowledge about the science of hair coloring and hair care. And thank you again. My hair is really funky now, with orange/copper hair, blond roots on my natural black hair, and at least 2 inches of gray growth on my hairline.... Any advice on how to correct it and continue to bleach it again. I was going to tone it with a Wella T15. Brassy hair refers to tones of a deep golden hue that develop in dyed blonde or lighter shades of brown hair as the dye color begins to fade. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I have a few greys so she normally does my roots a dark brown every six weeks. My goal is to go maybe a [Perfect 10/Shade 7-Dark Blonde], or [Age Defy Shade: 8G, Medium Golden Blonde], So at this point, I dont know if i should stop, or do one more bleach bath in about a week or two. Thanks the mystery out of blonde! Leave a comment for tailored advice and share your insight with other readers. I got impatient and tried 6AA lowlights and chi blondest blonde highlights and it didn't do much except break up the solid color ginger color and made the orange more gold. I was going to try a light brown next but would like some advice before. Third issue is grays at the top through the hairline in the brownish orange hair. Maffew James (author) on November 06, 2019: Hi Kathleen, bit of a late reply to your question here but highlights in general tend to be more of a difficult thing to touch up in these situations. I have long hair (mid-back) that I had henna and indigo in it. I thought I would dye it myself ( wrong move) and it turned out too black. The first bleach job didn't work very well, it wasn't consistent. 1level.... I’ve been reading these posts and all I can say If i use colour opps will it take out orange tones ? No color was added. I used to get it "frosted" ( with the cap.). Would a bleach wash lighten it enough ? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But, I tend to get the orange as well...I found a trick on pinterest and swear by it..I color just the dark red when my roots need to be covered...if I get some one the blonde where I want to keep it blonde..I make a homemade toner...I take 2 oz of toner...20vol baking soda, I just use about a tablespoon, its a natural stripper, I used shiny silver shampoo...and a squirt of a real good conditioner..I pour it all over my head and I let it sit there for about a half hour, I've even done it more than that..keep checking can get to be a bright blonde, but with the red, it's beautiful..I keep the back the dark auburn, but I tonight decided to keep it the strawberry color and I stripped it to a very pale orange/yellow...Dried it..and threw in a boxed dark blonder, but I left the blonde stripes alone and let the dark blonde develop! This time I used the Prism Lites Violet. Any and all suggestions are welcome! So I am trying to go a lighter shade after years of continuous dark brown & black dye due to the the overwhelming growth of gray hair at my front hairline. ~ A natural way to lighten your hair is to use honey. I asked for thin caramel color highlights but ended up with very thick orange highlights. I died darker twice btw just doesn't stay. I dyed my hair brown but it came in way too dark, almost black. I've been to this salon who have shitty workers , they've no talent at all . Luckily, there are easy ways to keep your hair from turning brassy or showing orange tones again after correction. We love to experiment with our hair color, don’t we? Is there any way to post a couple pics or a video and get a little advice on whether my next step should be a color remover or a lightener? ~ The time required to bleach hair depends upon the thickness and porosity of the hair, so there is no fixed ideal time for bleaching. Lol *These are great tips for toning, which do work. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. I think I just might need to keep in the 7 nor alone, I used a 30 v. I want to remove this color because it's very dark, I might mention that I am over 50 per cent gray. So my natural hair is medium brown and I've was dying it 6RV for a few months. Ends are yellow Should i just carefully bleach to even out ends or any possible color removing method? ~ Reverting to the original color is safer, but obviously, it should be a shade or two darker. My hairdresser made a mistake of rinsing my hair with blue+violet dye mixes with shampoo and 20 developer and it transformed my hair from ashy sand blonde hair to orange. Thanks for your help. I dye my hair with revlon plattium and I started to panic when I saw it turn orange. Back to the story I went to the hair salon and they said the best thing to do is do streaks and just keep lighting my hair. Is it just in my head because i’m parinoid the orange will come back? ~ Most women with brown hair have red undertones, which lighten to orange when bleached. Finally figured how to write a comment for you MAffew. I ended up with “strawberry” hair after my hair dresser did a colour correction in an attempt to transition my grays. Even beige and golden blondes need cool tones to balance out the color and make them look natural. Any comments will be appreciated :). Was going for a blonde and came out orange. My natural color is a dark brown.

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