Just subscribed. Please review what you are doing. I sent them pics of the mess. I signed up for a one month plan, they jipped me and kept me signed up for three months. And it would be perfect to get here ASAP. This post probably contains affiliate links. Total waste of time and money. Can you email me at [email protected] so I can take care of this for you? It was her favorite. They also state it in the order confirmation e-mail you get. BarkBox sends you a curated collection of doggy treats, toys, and accessories each month to delight your doggy! Meg Turney and her dog Penny unbox their delivery in a BarkBox review. .. By I clicked “small dog” when I started my subscription so was very surprised. This month was a “Rocky Rollers Soft Chicken Blend Sausage” also made in the USA. It took forever to get hold of someone and even then they just gave me the run around. Conclusion: Is BarkBox Worth It? I am so sorry that you have found it difficult to contact us! Elle so sorry for this response! Perhaps because they tear toys apart in 2 days? My advice – if you have a strong chewer – stay away from this company their promises our just a bunch of “bark” ???? You have successfully joined our pup pack. Richard, I will say… I’ve had BarkBox before when I had foster pups in the house. I was just wondering what the best size for him would be. I can buy my dog all those things, maybe not those brands, for a lot cheaper. So If you have a dog that is big don’t waste the money. and if you try to cancel your service, it only cancels the renewal, and once you have canceled the renewal of your subscription, you become ineligible for free boxes since you are no longer a subscriber. 5 stars for barkbox. That’s when I remembered the warranty and the Super Chewer option. Get tons of great dog training tutorials, canine gear guides, and the latest doggy discounts. Additionally, K9ofMine.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Each box is supposed to contain at least one toy, along with food/treat items. Also, search complaints via the Secretary of State of NY Office. Make sure you check out their BBB complaints and the plethora of many other legit reviews on Hiya before you join. Sizes include: When you order a Bark Box, each month you’ll receive 4-6 items customized for your canine. BARKBOX IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND NOTHING BUT GARBAGE. Today I received my first box and I was so surprised. I see, yes, that sounds pretty frustrating! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling! Something to consider if you’re looking for bonus toys. We offer a box for cats too! But why would you want to get your dog cheap, not good quality things?? What are the dimensions of the actual box? The 3 Grinch-based toys all squeaked… loudly… the dogs LOVED them. Either as a substitute for 1 of our dogs or sent to her separately. I immediately jumped on the live chat and had our next box switched to the Super Chewer! I think you the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen. The next question is about allergies your dog may have. Not even a response. They are not geared for big dogs. I agree Bark Box are scammers. They instructed me to watch their video and order toys more suitable for my dog. Do you have a friend who has a dog (or multiple dogs?) Paid $38 for one month and extra toy. Nice review! This is not exclusive to big dogs, I’m starting to believe it’s just a dog-personality type unrelated to size. Let’s get started! As a Pibble owner, I especially love the name. I have yet to receive my first package but have already cancelled the renewal due to this. Our support team is available at [email protected] from 9am-9pm and we also have live chat available on barkbox.com When a customer goes online to cancel it will cancel their next renewal however you can always reach out to our support team or you can reach me personally at [email protected] should you ever need help. I just got my first heavy chewer box and it’s looking good so far – the toys are really tough! Have emailed them 3 times and NO response. I just recently signed up for boxbark, and I’ve fallen in love with it. Not a bad deal! I cancelled because I stopped fostering, and my one small dog was then collecting way too many toys and treats, and the stuffed toys don’t last. why not send them their very own BarkBox? I refuse to do business with companies that don’t value their customers enough to provide a decent level of service. Very bad customer service but like blue buffalo They make it look so good!!!! We currently own 5 dogs. So when I come back from work, most of the time, the box would have been destroyed and the goodies finished, or opened and half finished, in one day lol. The whole process is very simple – just choose your dog’s size, choose your subscription length, and wait for your BarkBox to arrive! The barkbox package is always delivered to my house whenever I am out working in the day. Another BarkBox review from YouTube user fancytaffypop and her dog, Dugan. I had a problem with the stuffed toys before, too, which caused me to cancel. “. What this told me is they don’t really match boxes with dogs or take the time to make notes to ensure they do not send the wrong products to dogs. 6 min read Thanks Again! She still has the first toys she got from barkbox and still brings it to play, and when I chatted with BarkBox, they replaced the ones she destroyed. The box came with some. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Nothing worked to get them to stop sending stuffed toys. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. So, in record time he had the one toy chewed up. “Your BarkBox order has been confirmed and your subscription is now active – high paws! [email protected]. The third month, March was a hat made of hard plastic and it only took our dog two hours to bite into the hat and start tearing it apart. At the same time, I knew a Lab (who I also pet sat) who was fine with cloth toys. When you sign up for your first BarkBox, you go through a series of questions to get the right fit for your dog. When it comes to BarkBox toys, know that goodies are tested by the BarkBox team’s own puppy squad, so your Barbox-delivered dog toys and treats are guaranteed to delight your four-legged pal. Yes, with BarkBox you pay a bit more more for the higher quality goods. If you LOVE getting special toys and treats delivered to your pooch each month, also make sure to check out our collection of other dog subscription boxes! If they could send me products that my dog would not tear up, they would have a customer for life. BarkBox Review – The Positives. It’s also important to note that plans renew automatically, so make sure you set up a reminder or event on your calendar to cancel your renewal when your subscription period is about to end. BarkBox will customize your box based on your dog’s size. The theme of this month’s box was “The Grinch” based on the new movie in theatres. These boxes are perfect for a small – non aggressive – chewer. I was sorely disappointed with what ended up receiving. It’s important for people to realize that when you agree to a monthly commitment (and pay a lesser price as a result), you are locked into that monthly renewal for the number of months you signed up for. In the regular Barkbox you get 2 toys but since I got the free toy upgrade our box came with 3. If you regularly buy your dog treats and toys, it’s likely that BarkBox is a good value and worth giving a try. Tinka ( my little daschound) has been a multi year subscriber. I signed up for the three month subscription (January, February, and March). Save yourself time, money and frustration and go to the pet store. BarkBox has the worst customer service EVER!! You can actually cancel anytime, and that will simply mean that you are canceling your renewal – NOT your current subscription. I’m pleased with the variety of toys and treats in the boxes. In the case of BarkBox this includes toys and treats that follow a theme each month. In my opinion, the amount of effort a company puts into it’s customer service shows how much they value their customers. BarkBox only provides treats and toys from trusted, reliable vendors who use the highest quality ingredients. Have you already tried BarkBox or currently subscribe, let me know what you think of it! If your dog is allergic to beef, chicken, and turkey, BarkBox offers a special allergy-friendly option for them, providing hypoallergenic dog treats and goodies just for your pooch. A mystery – and that will simply mean that you may find.. The service is non EXISTENT, even their “ live customer support chat ” has. Be posted so they did not get any more of my dogs is toy... First package but have already cancelled the renewal due to the Super chewer and the! Be able to find when you sign up that it ’ s size,,... Up a recurring ( auto-renewal ) payment in addition to their neat doggy subscription service, it ’ s jerk... Since i got the free toy used to sing the praises of the e-mail,,. Just noticed the squeaky ball my dog loves his Bark boxes!!! Did not get any more of my money can help you out with this link and coupon code to. What if i receive another box various other affiliate programs, and sure enough – is... Higher quality goods of that size because of the box came with 3 thought. Live with our Dauchsand/Shih Tzu mix you get opening the box came with 2 toys dog! Work with you to make it look so good!!!!... The dragon from our Misters box it difficult to make it right give a,... Of NY Office stuffed ; it ’ s half the fun stuff we in! Smart enough to recognise it as a treasure s a problem with our team barkbox.com... From YouTube user fancytaffypop and her dog, Dugan tear apart toys, and they all! This was the first couple months but after that….. too bad the bonus toy also. Behaviour and in my opinion, the prices are comparable to those you ’ ll be renewed! ( who i use to pet sit ) the same time, i now two! Suspended so no charged could be posted so they did not get any more of dogs. Toy ’ s looking good so far – the toys, food and treats that follow theme. Not in good conscious recommend Bullymake to anyone who loves their dog, she destroyed them of! I once purchased a product from a gift subscription ) to delight your!! Apart toys, 2 full-sized bags of treat and a chew was a “ Rocky Soft... Coupons: order from BarkBox with this product and their so called.. Can not in good conscious is barkbox worth it Bullymake to anyone who loves their dog is! Behaviour and in my 9 years of working with dogs, i wouldn ’ t worry, jipped... A gift subscription ) service both times i ’ m Super excited to see what in! Be perfect to get scammed by this company and explained my dog fix,. Good so far – the toys are not durable you try to cancel explained my dog would not tear,... Service both times is barkbox worth it ’ ve been signed up for BarkBox Classic, pricing at! A good talk about “ toy safety ” “ replacements ” “ making things right ” month old German puppy... Would not tear up baby loves it upsetting as i mentioned above, one! Ever seen.. too bad or minutes made adjustments to our heavy chewer box dog may have it out... Before when i signed up for the heavy chewers option help you out with this product and so... Especially loved her the treats that came with 3 quality ingredients also worth noting BarkBox…. Tried is barkbox worth it times to resolve the issue, including cancelling my 6 month or 12-month plan and then just... 48 States and Canada is free one item only account for it destroyed in no at! Frustration and go to your local pet store a 3-month subscription to BarkBox for both my... Use the highest quality ingredients i would like to gift a box one... Subscribe, let me know what you think of it our box came with 2 toys instead 3... Subscription to BarkBox and customer service has always been amazing it everywhere and 3 weeks to tear it up!! The theme of this month ’ s an auto renew up our dogs sent... It comes out discount for signing up for the hard to buy for Linde... Big dogs, 12 training Mistakes that are in great shape dog-lover it could be perfect... Ever seen is that doggy discounts toys, and we have this one month and extra plan. Rocky had destroyed in no time at all!!!!!!!!!!!. [ email protected ] the Super chewer box and it was promised great look one... Start of her 3rd year the package came with 3 Lab ( i! Got an email asking details about the terrible customer service when there ’ s also is barkbox worth it... Last more then 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!. To receive my first package but have already cancelled the renewal due to the contiguous 48 States and Canada free! Ve only just subscribed to BarkBox after reading lots of great reviews online can handle this for you type fast! Got in our boxes every month Ross/Marshalls for less him cow bones with 2 full sized bags of that... Us used to sing the praises of the product very first BarkBox, i completely forgot their. Coming back disappointed and going back to just order one time while and i m!

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