…, Austin trio’s sophomore LP is anything but sophomoric. Kristian Dunn, the duo’s very adept guitar and bass player, said he wanted Tautology I to “represent what my teenage years were like, when I was full of testosterone and depression”, according to advance materials. If they did, why does the band end an LP ruminating on angst with more than two minutes flirting with silence? Albums will be shipped via USPS Media Mail; all other products via UPS Ground. 1. When youre a teenager everything feels so grandiose and dramatic. But, listening straight through, what El Ten Eleven really does well is close the proceedings. Your email address will not be published. This lends the record’s eight songs a nice kind of cohesion but it lacks the drama of life-narrative, even if it is reflecting on a life’s quiet, waning moments. – Justin Vellucci, PopMatters, May 7, 2020, Your email address will not be published. (There always are.) Gotta give another listen to “You Are a Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her.”. Missing items will be charged based on suggested retail prices. Caducity 3. The album's title is a reference to Built to Spill's 1999 album Keep It Like a Secret. Justin Vellucci is a writer, post-rock disciple and father of two. If the first installment is any indication, Tautology will be a feast for longtime fans of the LA band but nothing grandiose beyond that. But, when it comes to the raw surging energy and sweat and grit and folly of youth, the record is wanting. Tautology III and, specifically, dreamy spells like “Piece” are all about the emotional vitality Dunn rings out of his strings. We’ll hold off on timely verdicts for now, though. Five Years Later: The Best Films of 2014!! JNR332-2digital; Lossless Digital). There’s an argument to be made there. Five Years Later: The Best Music of 2013! You Are A Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her 4. The biggest problem with Tautology III also might be its greatest gift: its even-handedness, which is consistent nearly to the point where return visits to the LP will have listeners questioning if each song is a (slight, slight, slight) variation on the one before it. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Tautology‘s first installment (II is due 10 July, III on 18 September) doesn’t surprise listeners enough. This is not a concept album for the dawning 20s. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and the merchandise is unopened, we will be happy to exchange it for you. Aubade 5. The Moon & Antarctica Turns 20, Holy Hell! Shimmered 6. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Learn how your comment data is processed. Free Record Holder with $75 Purchase (Use code Bridge)  Add to Cart. Album opener “Entropy” could be used as footnotes in a research paper on math rockers concocting variations on a theme. Required fields are marked *. tautology I — adolescence. The buzzy EBow of “Aubade” offers regal, somewhat plushy tones and a break in some of the tinnier melodies, even if its anti-sanguine refrains are a little familiar. You’ve got to give this duo one thing: they’re trying not to half-ass it. I wanted to represent what my teenage years were like when I was full of testosterone and depression says Dunn. Tautology III is far from perfect and getting to “Piece,” for example, or other standout tracks takes a lot of patience and paddling through post-rockisms. The duo coined its name after an airliner, the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The disc is a good one, albeit the question remains whether better editing could have refined this life-cycle down to a double-LP or even a hefty single one. The closing “All of This Bliss Doesn’t Come Without a Price,” though a little light in substance, makes up its lack of scope with angelic tones, likely those signaling a death ascension. “Moral Dynamite” features a perky bass theme that’s lifted from the Knack. The albums second movement Tautology II reflects Dunns current state. Featured peformers: Kristian Dunn (bass, guitar), Tim Fogarty (drums). El Ten Eleven is an American, Los Angeles-based, post-rock duo, known for combining guitar/bass doubleneck or fretless bass, with heavy looping, or vamping, and the utility of an effects pedal, over acoustic or electric drumming.They have released seven full-length albums, 2 EPs and a remix album, earning generally positive reviews. I don't dislike "Batman". We are unable to ship to International, PO Box, or APO/FPO addresses. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products that have been purchased from us directly. Tracking information will be sent as items are shipped. Trust us, when you hear the lullaby-esque, accenting guitar motif he lays over the main refrain about four minutes into “Piece,” you won’t be itching for something more percussion-driven anytime soon. Note: Delays may occur due to severe weather and/or COVID-19. The first chapter in El Ten Eleven‘s new three-part musical journey seems to be written entirely in the third person and drained of all impulse for narrative twists. the triple LP — out everywhere now. All items must be returned as new in their original packaging, including all accessories and cables. But there’s not much first-person subjectivity on the album, and little emotional cataclysm shines through in arrangements of the record’s six tracks. Be sure to include your order # and reason for returning in your email. el ten eleven. Drummer Tim Fogarty is low in the mix and hardly registers, though he doesn’t need to, in the least. Released 10 July 2020 on Joyful Noise (catalog no. Your email address will not be published. All you need to know about Tautology III can be heard in about six minutes on the heart-aching and at times pitch-perfect “You Are a Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her.” On it, guitarist/bassist Kristian Dunn layers on mounds of atmosphere, so much so that the harmonic-plucked main figure (which is quite beautiful) barely raises its head above the tidewaters. -- can be found at www.swordfishblog.com. “With Report” plods along with more of a thud and a wallop that you’re used to hearing from El Ten Eleven, although it doesn’t live up to the slash-and-burn retorts of its opening riff. Tautology II, an Album by El Ten Eleven. All of This Bliss Doesn’t Come Without a Price (The first part represented youthful abandon and teenage years, the second mid-life.) For a band like El Ten Eleven, who rely so heavily (even defiantly) on structure, one would think a reminiscence of formative years would entail some element of building – and not completing – a foundation. In short, the time signatures, crystalline tones and guitar tricks on “Piece” also can be found on “Caducity” (the one with the heartbeat) and “Shimmered” and on and on. What’s odd – and oddly special – about the third installment, however, is how it does not dwell in the chambers or details of life and living, old or otherwise. None of that’s on display here. Original shipping and handling charges are not refundable, and you will be responsible for all costs associated with return shipment. The whole process of composition and release just seems, here, a little more rote than that. Overnight Shipping: allow 1-2 business days for delivery. Five Years Later: The Best Films of 2013!! All of his music writing -- don't judge the early stuff! buy: 3xLP (Ultra Clear or Classic Black) / 3xCD stream / buy: digital . …, A more manageable, more cohesive version …, This is a meditation both on sadness and the way we conjure it through music. In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country Turns 20, Interview: Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil, Interview: Joseph D’Agostino of Empty Country, Resequence: Chance the Rapper: The Big Day, Rediscover: T2: It’ll All Work Out in Boomland, Rediscover: John Frusciante: The Will to Death, Revisit: The Who: Quadrophenia: Live in London, Holy Hell! Then again, maybe it’s apropos. There are times throughout Tautology where one wonders if the band’s returns to themes are toying with the repeated nature of daily life, of its rituals and rites and so on. “Division”, the fifth track, sounds like a Trans Am outtake as performed by Explosions in the Sky – technically proficient, yes, but also blistering-hot to the touch. © 2020 Victrola.com | All rights reserved. Review: El Ten Eleven – “Tautology I” Posted by Justin Vellucci on May 8, 2020 May 8, 2020. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. tautology I / II / III. Half Mast 6. We make every effort to ship your order as soon as possible. Shimmer 3. Tautology III by El Ten Eleven, released 18 September 2020 1. We will gladly replace the merchandise without additional charge, or provide you with a full refund. All well and good, all well and good. Again, though, this should be stressed: that doesn’t mean it’s a mission to abort. The songs are nothing less than masterfully initiated. Division 6. Review: Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams – “Aporia”. If an RMA is not obtained prior to shipping, the returned product will be refused and returned to sender. “Jejune” starts, appropriately, somewhat timid but quickly darts into schizophrenic terrain with hyper-compressed percussion and addictive bass. It’s a road-map. Mr. Bungle: Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, Kronos Quartet: Long Time Passing: Kronos Quartet and Friends Celebrate Pete Seeger. Moral Dynamite 5. Between the Buried and Me: The Silent Circus, Bargain Bin Babylon: Earth, Wind & Fire: All ‘n All, Bargain Bin Babylon: Henry “Buzz” Glass: Square Dance Variations Volume I, Bargain Bin Babylon: Robert Cray: Strong Persuader, Bargain Bin Babylon: Lemon Jelly: Lost Horizons, Discography: David Bowie: Black Tie White Noise, Discography: David Bowie: Never Let Me Down, Holy Hell! 1. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Nocturne 4. Turns 20, Oeuvre: David Cronenberg: Crimes of the Future, From the Vaults of Streaming Hell: Santa Jaws, From the Vaults of Streaming Hell: Stalked By My Doctor: The Return, From the Vaults of Streaming Hell: Deadcon, Kirby Art & Style Collection: Edited by Joel Enos, The Irish Buddhist: by Alicia Turner, Laurence Cox, Brian Bocking, To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life: by Hervé Guibert, Damnation: Poppy’s Inferno: by Moriah Rose Pereira and Ryan Cady.

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