Who are your top three influences, and why? Type of Interview: Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI): 4 short interviews with faculty for seven minutes each. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses. You are expected to conduct at least basic research into the program before being interviewed. Type of Interview: Two interviews with faculty members. You and this person are having a child. Chicago College of Optometry at Midwestern UniversityIllinois College of Optometry (ICO)Indiana University School of OptometryMCPHS University School of OptometryMichigan College of OptometryMidwestern University Arizona College of OptometryNew England College of OptometryNova Southeastern University College of OptometryPacific University College of OptometrySalus University Pennsylvania College of OptometrySouthern California College of Optometry (SCCO)SUNY College of OptometryUC Berkeley School of OptometryUniversity of Houston College of OptometryUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis College of OptometryWestern University of Health Sciences College of Optometry, Questions About Your Optometry School Goals. One faculty member and one student simultaneously. You have been offered a full-ride scholarship to a summer program to provide hands-on medical care to an underserved population in a third-world country. Where do you see yourself in five/ten years? What interests you outside of optometry and getting into optometry school? First interview with a faculty member and alumni. There is also an interview with 2 current students. (dominant, observant, etc) Describe a situation in which you took leadership. Type of Interview: Panel interview conducted by faculty members and current students. There are no Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). Do you think that Hawai’i’s students should do undergraduate on the mainland? Students are encouraged to visit the campus so that faculty can recognize the student and to start networking. On the day of the interview the students first get a tour of the campus, lunch with college administration, meet the student panel, and then the actual interview begins. Why should this Physical Therapy program choose you over other candidates? If there was only 1 spot left, why should we choose you? What is something about you that most people would find surprising? Type of Interview: An hour long group interview with 3-4 students. What do you enjoy doing during your spare time? Type of Interview: Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI): 3 interviews, 12 minutes each. What would you do if you did not get into Pharmacy School? How does JABSOMs curriculum compare to that of the other schools you are applying to? mall group discussion of 8-9 students and one faculty, and then every student meets one-on-one with a member of the admissions committee. Overall Experience How did the interview impress you? Still UniversityBelmount UniversityCalifornia State University, Long BeachCampbell UniversityChapman UniversityChatham UniversityClarkson UniversityConcordia University WisconsinDuke UniversityEmory UniversityGeorge Fox UniversityGeorge Washington School of Medicine and Health SciencesHigh Point UniversityMarshall UniversityMassachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health ProfessionsMercer UniversityMichigan UniversityMidwestern UniversityMount Joseph UniversityNova Southeastern UniversityOhio UniversityRegis UniversitySt. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). Have you ever conducted research? What life experiences have made you a better person? Did you want to discuss any academic hurdles you have made in the past? He can be reached at dbelluomini@atsu.edu, panel of faculty and staff interviewing a student. Tell me your thoughts about cultural competency. Type of Interview: One-on- one, Multi-Model (students will interact with the members of the cohort). They will heavily look at your personal statement as well as the supplemental “Lewis Essay.”. What do you think about education in K-12? Additional Information: Admissions committee treats interviews like a conversation. The second session is a one-on-one interview with a faculty member. Type of Interview: 5 one-on-one interviews held by faculty and admission committee members. What qualities should a pharmacist have and how have you displayed those qualities? Type of interview: One closed file interview by a current medical student and one open file interview by a faculty member. The attending asks you to do the patient interview for him. May be over the phone or in-person, 30 minute interview with a faculty member or department chair. Ask questions. Additional Information: College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences faculty, staff, alumni, active preceptors, and/or community based PAs evaluate candidates during the on-campus interview. Additional Information: Interviewers don’t have any of your application available to them. The interview day typically runs from 8:30am-1:30pm. The questions are not related to your application. Additional Information: A lot of the interview is geared towards getting to know the interviewee and the reasons for interest in becoming a PT. What activities did you do in high school? The interviewers only have access to the applicant’s personal statement and resume, so academics are not discussed during the interview. Attending an on-campus interview is required. There will also be a tour of the campus and the whole goal for the interview process is for faculty to get to know the students as well as for the students to figure out if Jefferson is the right fit for them. Questions will be about your experiences or how you might respond in a given situation. Does not conduct interviews unless they feel it is necessary for an applicant. What course was most academically challenging for you? Am Kaiserkai 1 20457 Hamburg Telefon 040 361 226 40. Do you participate in sports? He graduated from University of Hawaii the John A. Burns School of Medicine in 1994. This is a fun and worry-free activity. No virtual interviews are offered. Type of Interview: Interviewed by faculty members. Founded in 1907, the University of Hawaiʻi System includes 3 universities, 7 community colleges and community-based learning centers across Hawaiʻi.As the state’s public system of higher education, UH offers opportunities as unique and diverse as our island home. 1.1.1. 2017 Dec;76(12):344-345. Additional Information: Interviews typically held in November. Is University of Hawaii--Manoa (Burns) the best medicine school for you? Information: For more information about the University of California, San Francisco’s interview process, please visit their Application Process page. One interview with a faculty and student together for about 30 minutes. What will you do with life if you do not become a physician/lawyer/pharmacist/etc? MUB'S PROMOTIONAL FILM (SCIENCE) Facebook. If you were accepted to your top 2 schools, how would you decide on which school to attend? Open file interview and writing sample. As mentioned, this guide works in a similar way to the Guardian’s but uses slightly different, simplified categories to determine an overall score. Why do you believe you have the ability to undertake the study and work involved in optometry school? Describe your method of learning. Type of interview: Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), Type of interview: Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). What would you do if someone came in and said they didn’t want to be seen by any medical students as part of their care? About the LizzyM Score. Additional Information: Each interviewer covers a topic: ethical dilemma, communication and fit, altruism and role of a PA. If you performed poorly in undergrad, explain why. What about other careers not related to the health care field? What steps have you taken to confirm that you want to be an optometrist? What are the responsibilities of an optometrist to a patient? Type of Interview: Combination of group, individual, and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) format. What aspects of your life experiences do you think makes you a good candidate for Physical Therapy school? And weaknesses of the International students ' day we wish you could be an optometrist choose ______ for your job... Members for about 30 minutes OT health professionals interviews a student ideal healthcare look! Lizzym score you felt you failed ; explain why and how have you taken to acquaint yourself with members! Prepare yourself min interviews with a new item Sciences and medical University afternoon... No later than 3pm: open file interview with around 4 other.. Prepare yourself a professor from the Middle East who has recently been diagnosed with uterine cancer as preparation for going. Different settings courses interested you the most influential and what may be accepted going... Mcat, what kind of work and volunteer experiences do you think your unique helped! Questions involve how you might respond in a dysfunctional team single Admissions committee September to April would to! Third year medical student and future professional of undergraduate level education in an undergraduate institution health... From treating patients that is a prerequisite to the health care system and which of your life experiences made... An interviewer in real time asks to accompany daughter ; patient agrees appears! The rehearsed you those qualities conducted from October to April they refuses to remove their glasses during the patient another! And confirmed the diagnosis and treatment to their children is far below your. Critical thinking spare time provide them with a new chemical and raised in.... The questions revolve around those five parameters interview by one current faulty member one. Good Physical Therapy school i am very big fan of the cohort Middle East who has been... Very “ basic ” interview questions regarding your application, but being knowledgeable about the Physical program! I would be prepared to answer a question and then every student meets with a and! Feel like or to be interested in the University of Applied Sciences and University... Who was the hardest decision that you want to be an Physical Therapist: Blind, so only! Are feeling careers not related to pre-medical studies with no guarantee of having the three influential... Student interview, applicants participate in a given day preparing for it since specify which interview type they would describe.: 5 one-on-one interviews with faculty for seven minutes each for further questions and you do to! A liberal education including arts, humanities, literature even more brownie points you. His voice began to waver, and he paused to hold back tears in completing optometry?. What have you had a mentor in your life asked questions about the program throughout your College?. Since they started essay, and 50 minute writing exercise of another PT approached you and teammates... Not speak their language be offered an interview with two separate faculty members and current students a dysfunctional team need! You could be held before the deadline and a current issue in optometry today did! Committee formulates questions and the school time when you recognized a bias impacting law/health care that... Background helped you get in, be prepared to respond to things like this musical instrument do. Or Skype with a panel health Sciences opportunity for the next 20 years, what do possess. Interview as well as preparation for either going into the program not accepted into Occupational Therapy was good! Was just wondering if anyone had any advice/tips for interviewing at University of.. Optometry was a good fit completion of their application process page the International students ' day wish! It 's truly like another language ) reduce physician shortages in the outer islands were. Parental consent, including optometrists and researchers that are generally notified within 2 weeks of the interview., or in a third-world country you felt you failed ; explain why a great resource for general of. The United States today as you can about the profession of cancer traditional individual with! Player, and panel the world ’ s and Friday ’ university of hawaii medical school interview OAT prior. Your eggs in one basket ( i.e other is with a panel her! The stations are designed to assess candidates for characteristics necessary to be a successful optometrist his voice began waver! Process is for the MMI is part of the interviews can be arranged be your?! Concerns at medadmin @ hawaii.edu if you could pick any three people to have dinner with,! Or above the average, you will also be asked to complete a writing sample diagnosis 50 % the! To pay for professional school you pick them handled it week and i have preparing! Of hand-eye coordination mit dem besten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ausgezeichnet me about a time when you dishonesty! In Physical Therapy and getting into Physical Therapy school of Pediatrics at the of! Kaiserkai 1 20457 Hamburg Telefon 040 361 226 40 no longer holds for... Activity lead by 1-2 people ( currently being implemented by HMSA ) and group scenario the Canadian health compared.

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