Premier Menthol King Size Cigarette Tube 200ct x 5: Premier Navy King Size Cigarette Tube 200ct x 5: Premier Red 100 Size Cigarette Tube 200ct x 5: Royal Majestic Blue 100 Filter Tube 200ct X 5: $10.45. Box of 250 Tubes Gizeh Siver Tip Compatible with all tub machines (except slim) Made in France, Box of 250Club cigarette tubes TheClub tubesare recognized for the quality of paper and filter, they represent an excellent value for money! +1(844)-877-66-53 ext. Cigarette filters and cardboard filters tips. $91.50 Please. By purchasing in sufficiently large quantities, we are able to then pass on the savings to you, thus making the pleasure of smoking even more affordable than ever before. Box of 100 filter-tipped cigarette tubes OCB, quality made in France.

Then, use an injector to …

Discover what so many other smart smokers have learned: using Golden Harvest cigarette tubes not only makes sense, but it also only costs cents per smoke. Let us know how we are doing. Jass is recognized as one of the best value for money in France./ P> Keep the feeling of a real cigarette with Jass tubes. Golden Harvest Menthol 100mm (200 Count) Click the link for more information. Purchase both here at at unbeatable prices. Box of 100 Gizeh Menthol cigarette tubes Make mint-flavored cigarettes and save money Gizeh is a German brand made in France, Box of 100 Gizeh Carbon Filter cigarette tubes Optimal filtration of tars and nicotine, thanks to carbon filters Compatible with all tubers (except slim) Made in France, Box of 100 Gizeh Silver Tip Cigarette Tubes Compatible with all tub machines (except slim) Made in France, Box of 100Rizla cigarette tubes. Ideal for making cigarettes at a low price!

Each package contains a count of 200 cigarette tubes, and you can choose between red, blue, or green boxes of Golden Harvest cigarette tubes. If you insist on the best when it comes to smoking but prefer to keep the cost of your enjoyment within a reasonable budget, then Golden Harvest cigarette tubes are definitely the way to go. These filtered papers fit perfectly onto the top brands of rolling machines.

Zen Cigarette Tubes come in a variety of sizes of filters and length, as well as products designed for different strengths, including Menthol. Choose from quality brands including OHM, Kashmir, Golden Harvest, Double Diamond, Shargio, and more.

Stay in touch for the latest news, sales and more.

Isn’t it about time that you got your money’s worth when it comes to enjoying cigarette smoking?

Excellence. OCB tubes are compatible with all tubeuses except slim Korona or slim Laramie Discover also our OCB cigarette by 250 tubes en cliquant sur le lien. Each box contains 250 tubes with biodegradable filters./ P>, Box of 250 Gizeh Golden Tip cigarette tubes Compatible with all machines except slim Made in France, Box of 250Gizeh Silver Tip Extra tubeswith filter with a length of 25mm. SPi-Discount any disincentive to consumption, sale, purchase and resale of cannabis.


Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver Blend (Ultra Light) 1 lb. They offer a convenient way to roll your own cigarettes by using a rolling machine and inserting your favorite tobacco blends. Box of 500 cigarette tubes of the brand Sensky./ P> Sensky cigarette tubes are known for the quality of paper and its fineness. Your email. All of our smoking accessories are intended for use with tobacco or other legal herbs. Each are available in king size and 100 mm, comes in Red, Blue and green (menthol has a white filter tip).

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we have thousands of Five Star reviews via our BizRate account and a large number of great reviews for cigarette tubes right here on our site. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Copyright © 2020 Smoker's Outlet Online All rights reserved. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Cigarette tubes with Rollo colored filters are compatible with all tubers (except slim), Box 200 tubes biodegradable cigarettes < /.strong >Max. Golden Harvest Light 100mm (200 count)

We recall that the use of cannabis or any other narcotic is strictly forbidden in France. Zen Cigarette Tubes are always reliable.   Local: 717-718-1486Toll Free: 888-802-2354, Cigarette tubes are pre-rolled cigarette papers without any tobacco. It is extremely frustrating to have cigarette tubes break, bend, and tear immediately out of the carton. Natural filters without chemicals. Local: 717-718-1486Toll Free: 888-802-2354.

The tubes OCB are the most popular in the world of smokers. Box of 250 OCB Extra cigarette tubes OCB Extra tubes have a 50% longer filter compared to normal OCB 250 tubes Tobacco savings of 10% per tube, Box of 250Rizla + cigarette tubes TheRizla tubeshave been recognized for the quality of paper and filter for more than 150 years!/ P> Compatible with all tubers (except slim). Subscribe Box of 1000 Banko brand cigarette tubes./ P> Cigarette tube with high quality acetate filter for making cigarettes.  

Zen ® Papers are some of the finest ever made, and are used on every Zen ® Cigarette Tube. We carry Zen tubes, Golden Harvest tubes and Premier tubes. Golden Harvest Menthol Kings (200 Count)

WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Comes in Red (brown filter tip), Blue (white filter tip) and is also available Green [menthol] (white filter tip).

All of our Golden Harvest cigarette tubes come in both king size as well as 100 mm, and you have the pleasure of choosing both regular and mentholated filters. From high quality cigarette tobacco and tubes to high performance table top and hand held machines, there's a Premier product to satisfy virtually every taste, preference and price point.

Max cigarette tubes per box of 500. Compatible with all our tubers. Detailed info. A little over six years after the opening of that first retail outlet, Smoker’s Outlet Online was born.

Choose from quality brands including OHM, Kashmir, Golden Harvest, Double Diamond, Shargio, and more.

If you're not happy with your purchase, reach out to us. Golden Harvest Full Flavor King (200 Ct.) Cigarette tubes are available in a variety of flavors and are packaged in boxes of 200, 250, and more.

Very high quality tube with a 17mm filter.

The Rizla + brand has more than 150 years of know-how in the world of cigarette paper and filters.

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