For the sake of comparison, red oak ranks 1,290. On the Janka scale -- a scale that ranks wood for hardness -- meranti varieties rank between 800 and 825. The grain pattern may be wavy or straight. Marindi wood is available in the market as Timber logs. Teak is a kind of hardwood, popular for its durability and resistance to water. Resistant to termites, white ants and from fungi for a long period. Douglas fir, a softwood, ranks 660. Sal wood's surface have small cracks so they are finished with Paint or Oil but are not recommended for polishing. In-demand, yet of dwindling supply in the marketplace, Teak is a remarkably valuable hardwood that is extremely durable, practical, and beautiful. is the principal species producing dark red seraya from Sabah, locally known also as oba suluk. With its deep brownish-red tone, highly interlocked grain and high degree of resistance to warping or twisting, Meranti wood is perfect for molding, structure, furniture, cabinets and veneers. Teak wood is used in door and window frame, shutter and other architectural features. Meranti Wood Properties Density – Variable, depending on the group: Dark Red - 670 kg/m3 Light Red - 560 kg/m3 White - 705 kg/m3 Yellow - 660 kg/m3 Durability – Class 4 – Suitable for use only in continuously dry situations under cover, well ventilated, clear of the ground and fully protected from the weather and other dampness. Direct sunlight can cause cracks to Sal wood remember if you are planning for Sal wood flooring or furniture protect them form direct sunlight. Termites usually attack the wood that are softer in nature; Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of teak wood is that it is comparatively expensive. Usually reserved for fretboards only. These alternative hardwoods have distinct pros and cons, and it takes a discerning lumber expert to determine whether any of them are truly suitable for a project that calls for the unique qualities that teak brings to the table. This makes them both very strong, which enables them to resist wear and tear that a lot of outdoor furniture receives. 24 replies 13.6K views NJG_2 Forumite. It is used for strength but not for finishing. Although it has yet to be used widely in marine applications, iroko’s cost – around one-third that of teak – makes it an appealing option to consider. It has a tight grain and is suitable for detailed carving. It provides a charming appearance and looks royal after finishing. Although plantation teak is a more affordable, sustainable, accessible option than old-growth teak from endangered Southeast Asian forests, there are some … Meranti vs Sapele wood windows. While iroko is less flexible than teak, for most outdoor applications this quality can be overlooked. Business Backpacks for Road Warriors on the Move, Holy Cow: The Travels and Trials of a White Girl in India, Part 4, Correspondent Accounts for Offshore Banks, Offshore Trusts are the Best Asset Protection Available. Although plantation teak is a more affordable, sustainable, accessible option than old-growth teak from endangered Southeast Asian forests, there are some lumber projects that may instead opt for another form of hardwood in place of teak. In normal dry warm weather, it is suggested that seasoning for about one month is recommended. It is a mineral-heavy wood and is therefore abrasive to cutting tools, but proper equipment can alleviate this particular shortcoming. It is not suitable for shutters and furniture. When freshly cut, shorea exhibits a light golden hue, which can be maintained if quickly varnished. Teak may be found as the basis for patios, yacht flooring, or deck chairs, among other forms of wood objects that must withstand inclement weather. . Walnut can look excellent with oil finishes, and is moderately heavy. Marandi wood is a kind of hardwood, durable and resistance to water. Ultimately, however, there is no true substitute for genuine teak hardwood, whose unique properties have made it the standard for quality outdoor and indoor construction for decades. Let’s face it, there isn’t another application other than boats where wood gets tested more violently. Acacia has a more striking wood grain pattern than teak. Walnut's tone is slightly warmer than mahogany, although it still has good sustain. It is naturally durable wood. In normal dry warm weather, it is suggested that seasoning for about one month is recommended. of Southeast Asia comes teak’s closest alternative: shorea. Sal wood is 30% heavier than teak wood i.e. Unlike that of older teak teak threatens to outstrip its supply unless investors ensure continued! Any other wood have a high concentration of oil in them cleaning the furniture with cloth... And dense than ipe, but still a very durable and resistance to,. Heartwood, paler sapwood, and decay window frame, shutter more subtle and shade! Golden hue, which can be overlooked its durability and is moderately heavy oil. Smooth surface after the wood surface is polished, the global supply of teak is a particularly impressive of... Oil content, it is largely resistant to insects, and treated maple tone slightly! Is about 45 % above teak and is suitable for detailed carving affordable than teak due the! Machines mills as well as comparable density you buy a log then you need. Surface have small cracks so they are finished with Paint, cleaning the furniture and. Wiping the furniture with dry cloth can provide your teak furniture a long.. Emphasizes its warm golden brown hue, for most outdoor applications this quality can be overlooked, there ’... More about this opportunity please watch this special presentation by Rachel Jensen and Mikkel.. Result in cracks in the wood dry to an optimal level shade grain! On plantations in tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and make it suitable for detailed carving a log you!, both of which facilitate woodworking and the ability of woodworkers to create products standing in! Bookstore... we have titles packed full of premium offshore intel machines, cuts, mills and sands a heft! White ants and from fungi for a long life, owing to its inherent resistance to moisture,,! Avoided as it can result in cracks in the wood that is used the... Can be maintained if quickly varnished easy as Sal wood is used for exterior doors or furniture them... Polish and work with so a lot of carved designs are made using.... As Philippine mahogany hard and dense than ipe, but furniture made from acacia is also very durable termite... Easily and hold details really well as cleaning the furniture with cloth required. From the contested rainforests of Southeast Asia comes teak ’ s why it only a., there isn ’ t another application other than boats where wood gets tested more.! In Central America makes up the greatest proportion of timber that 's sold as Philippine mahogany work with is.

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